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December 06, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
December 6, 2016 - Viet Center tourist & event ( ) is a Hanoi, Vietnam travel agency and tour organizers has recently announce the new Vietnam tours and holiday packages specially crafted and designed for the needs and tastes of British traveler who are looking for a mid-range to luxury travel packages for their trip to Vietnam and Indochina.

A trip to Vietnam as a holiday destination which has always been fascinated by world-wide traveler and in this case country's tourism is developing year by year in order to get tourism infrastructure developed and to which it can compete with its neighboring destinations such as Cambodia and Thailand. The tours and holiday deals they offer is covering what client have in mind, with emphasizes to show traveler the core lifestyle and country's culture and tradition

The newly designed and planned travel packages features some of the best and must see visited destinations including an overnight stay on board a Halong Bay Cruise which allow traveler stay one night in one of the most beautiful Bays in the world. The company carefully select and hand pick hotels and only look for accommodation that has quality equal to 4 star and high-end luxury hotels in the UK, said Tran Hoa, Manager of online tour sales

In the other hand, the offered tour packages are includes both must see and some of the hidden gems that not many travel agencies are able to offer in their travel packages, this is due to our great experience in tourism and the locally expertise knowledge that is behind our decades of experience, added Mr. Pham Huy Thong, CEO of Viet Center tourist,. Ltd

The website of Vietnam Tour Pedia has been professionally designed to ease the access to all the products with easy navigation for tour packages, destinations, travel guides and daily blog posts that gives traveler an insights to their destinations, Said Hamid, the Marketing manager

Vietnam has many islands and a stretch of more than 2000 km coastlines with climates that is suitable for the beach vacation for all the family members as well as vacation makers which are looking for a suitable holiday deals, in this case the company has designed a large number of Vietnam tour packages including different traveling style to let holiday makers choose what they are looking after.

Also, Vietnam Tour Pedia has clarify that in 2016 a large numbers of British traveler has shown interest by booking a holiday to Vietnam and Cambodia through the Mekong river delta cruise to visit two destinations through the lush countryside and the Delta's waterways, in this occasion the company has designed a comfortable, relaxed and full of sightseeing which enable traveler to experience two country the way they wish to. The Mekong waterways to Angkor wat is a 13 day holiday deals that has attracted a large numbers of vacationers.

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Opened in 2008 and aim to provide with quality holiday deals within Vietnam and South-East of Asia, expert guidance, M.I.C.E and events and above all, a great customer service which makes the company to be among the leading in the tourism in Vietnam and the region.

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