Dr. Duane Keller, CSO at Perio Protect, LLC, Named Top CE Leader by Dentistry Today

December 16, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
December 16, 2016 - Duane C. Keller, DMD, FAGD was named one of the top 2016 Dental CE providers in the country by Dentistry Today. Years of research as the Chief Scientific Officer of Perio Protect, LLC and decades of clinical experience provide the foundation for Dr. Keller's presentations.

Tens of thousands of dental professionals have attended his courses over the years and benefited from his insights. Lou Graham is one of them: "Working with Duane opened my eyes to the world of oxygenation and the absolute benefits for my patients. In less than a year of implementing his Perio Tray® therapy, I've witnessed over 120 healthier patients in my practice, including my dad. Duane, like myself, always is asking the 'why' about oral health care, and I must say, I love his approach."

Greg Kurtzman concurs: "During my 30 years in clinical practice, lecturing and publishing, I have never encountered anyone who has the in-depth understanding of periodontics and the systemic connection as related to oral biofilm that Dr. Duane Keller has. His knowledge and willingness to share it has helped advance healthcare and provided the connection between dentistry and medicine in the whole body view of health."

Periodontist Bruce Cochrane commented that "Duane Keller's understanding and information on the bacterial etiology of periodontal disease has been one of the most broad reaching, enlightening and informative discussions that I have had the opportunity to participate in over the years."

Dental practice managers like Bob Maccario have also benefited from Duane's programs: "In my opinion," Maccario recently said, "Duane Keller is one of the top five educators and leaders in the science of inflammation caused by periodontal disease. His approach to utilizing "wound healing protocols" to oral care has had a significant positive impact on our patients' health, resulting in a very positive impact on our practices success. He has always been most generous with his time and knowledge to me and my teams."

Dr. Robert Van Dyke, a general dentist practicing in Wisconsin, described his experience at one of Duane's courses this way: "As I sat in the seminar, I was mesmerized by the science I was hearing coming from a dentist. Then I realized that Dr. Duane Keller is no ordinary dentist. I heard him speak in terms of periodontal cellular science in a manner that made sense and was easy to understand. I left the seminar convinced that this was the most important information I had ever heard in my 40 years of dental learning. It was and is ground breaking science leading to the treatment of periodontal disease."

Van Dyke also added that he "discovered that Dr. Duane Keller is not only a brilliant scientist, but also a genuine, down to earth human being. As I have gotten to know Duane over the years, he undoubtedly is one of the nicest persons I have had the pleasure to know." This is the truest mark of greatness and we congratulate Dr. Keller on this important recognition!

To learn more about Dr. Keller or to book him as a speaker, visit the Perio Protect Speaker Page, found here or call 877-434-4867.

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