GoldMore New Water Drop Toilet Night Light Motion Sensor Launched on European Market

December 23, 2016 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
December 23, 2016 - GoldMore, the global leader in manufacturing LED camping lights, flashlights, headlamps and sensor light; today announced its new water drop-shaped toilet night motion sensor that is now available in the European Market.

As part of GoldMore's effort to expand its international markets, the new water drop-shaped toilet night light motion sensor is now available on Amazon. GoldMore European customers can now save 70% as the toilet light now retail at $11.99 to $13.99.

"With this new toilet night light motion sensor, GoldMore will continue to focus on its strength: quality and innovative LED light systems that conforms RoHS and CE quality standards," said Kelly, the GoldMore quality assurance manager.
Unlike the outdoor LED products GoldMore has introduced in the market before, this indoor LED lighting system completely changes the environment within the toilet. It improves safety and making visiting toilets fun for kids.

It uses three batteries that power the LED light whenever the motion activated sensors detect the presence of toilet users. Therefore, no need to worry about switching on the toilet lights at night.

The LEDs, which are available in seven different colors produce enough light to illuminate the toilet bowl at night. They are energy efficient since they consume less energy compared to toilet bulbs.

Features of GoldMore Water Drop-shaped Toilet Night Light Motion Sensor

GoldMore toilet night light motion sensor has the following key features:

-It comes with a motion activated LED sensor

The toilet night light automatically detects the presence of toilet users (motion). It will therefore turn on when one gets in the toilet room and off when one leaves.

-Quick installation

It has a flexible arm, which bends easily and fits in any toilet bowl - the installation process takes less than one minute.

-Customizable light options are available

GoldMore's new water drop-shaped toilet night light motion sensor has seven different color options. You can change them manually or set it to change color automatically.

-It is waterproof

The water that fills the bowl when flushing the toilet does not affect this light. However, the section with the sensor and battery should not be immersed in water or placed directly under running water.

Currently, GoldMore customers within Europe and USA can benefit from free shipping for orders that are over $39.00.

About GoldMore

Since the inauguration of GoldMore in 2008, the company has become a top-rated LED light products manufacturer. The company designs, manufactures and supplies LED camping lights, LED flashlight, LED night light, etc.

GoldMore has now introduced a new water drop toilet night light motion sensor.

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