Superbcrew Interviews WeeTect Team about WeeTect Military Level Technologies for IP Camera Lens Cover

January 11, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
January 11, 2017 - WeeTect, a global manufacturer of eye and face protection products, today published an exclusive interview between their technical team and Superbcrew. This was the first one-on-one interview with WeeTect Product Manager, Taylors Lei since the company's inception.

In an interview published on Superbcrew's official website, Taylors reaffirmed the company's commitment to venture in military level technologies for IP camera lens covers. So far, the company has adopted optical injection and anti-fog coating technologies.

These technologies are formulated for different applications such as IP camera lens covers, goggles, motorcycle helmet visors, etc. This also comes after the company introduced a number photochromic products such as lenses, visors and face shields.

About WeeTect Military Level Technology for IP Camera Lens Cover
This anti-fog IP camera lens cover for IP cameras feature anti-fog and anti-scratch. The WeeTect IP camera lenses are such that, the anti-fog coating is on the inside section of the lens with an anti-scratch coating on the outer surface.

The WeeTect Anti-fog, Anti-scratch IP Camera Lens Cover (WAFASIPCLC) is formulated to solve all foggy problems even in the most humid conditions. It may have additional military level technologies such as:

  • UV resistance
  • Enhanced infrared and visible light transmittance
  • Better impact resistance properties
  • Superior anti-scratch and anti-fog performance

  • As the leading manufacturer of anti-fog, anti-scratch for IP camera lenses, WeeTect products conform to the required ASTM and CE safety standards.

    In his interview with the Superbcrew, Taylors Lei also promised to expand WeeTect's operations to other global markets. The company is expected to launch multi-function high end products that guarantee advanced safety and protection in 2017.

    Availability of WeeTect IP Camera Lens Cover
    The WeeTect Anti-fog, Anti-scratch IP Camera Lens Cover (WAFASIPCLC) is available in standard thickness - 1mm. They can also be cut to size depending on the specific requirements of customers.

    Customized options for dome security cameras are also available. All OEM and distributors can order for this product directly from WeeTect website or contact regional distributors.

    About WeeTect
    WeeTect Material Limited is lens & visor manufacturer for OEM businesses. Since 1993, the company has invested in R&D, producing a range polycarbonate coating solutions. It has a line of products such as: visors, photochromic lenses, face shields, welding helmets, mirrors and anti-fog solutions; with the most recent being the WeeTect Anti-fog, Anti-scratch for IP Camera Lens Covers.

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