Kill 'em Quick, Dead, and Often: Fighting Periodontal Infections Every Day

January 12, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
January 12, 2017 - Half of Americans have chronic periodontitis, and there is little they can do at home to manage the disease. Toothbrush, rinse, and floss don't reach deep enough. "We need to do better for our patients and help them address these infections every day," says Dr. Duane Keller. His course at the upcoming 2017 Yankee Dental Congress will explain how.

Duane Keller began a journey to "find a better way" when his mother refused additional periodontal surgery. "We tried syringe delivery, tufted floss soaked in medication, interproximal brushes, irrigation, and systemic antibiotics. Nothing worked. We either couldn't get the medication deep enough or hold it there long enough to be effective. I needed something that was simple to do, easy to use, and comfortable."

Eventually Keller designed a tray with an internal peripheral seal and extension system that placed solutions deep in the pocket. It worked so well for his mother and other patients that he took the tray to the FDA and eventually received clearance to market it as a prescription medical device.

Fast forward a dozen years and Perio Trays have become an essential tool in thousands of dental offices. "The reason they work so well," explains Keller, "is that we are able to use Perio Tray delivery to place peroxide deep into the pockets and change the microenvironment of the pocket with oxygen. This helps the body heal. The key is to kill the bacteria regularly and manage the environment in which they grow back."

At the Yankee Congress on January 27, 2017 from 10:30am 12:30pm Keller and Tanya Dunlap will present Kill 'em Quick, Dead, and Often: Fighting Periodontal Infections Every Day. The lecture highlights the biofilm challenge, the importance of peroxide, the benefits and limitations of prescription tray therapy, including when surgery is needed, and step-by-step practical case studies to illustrate clinical solutions to the problems dental professionals face every day.

Doctors attending the course will have the option to become Perio Tray prescribers immediately following the seminar. "We're waiving tuition for Yankee attendees," explains Perio Protect representative Candias Rauls. "There are no extra fees or hidden expenses with this course. When you complete the course, you are ready to start the next day." Although doctors and teams are encouraged to attend together for seamless implementation, "we'll work with you if you can't all attend," adds Rauls. "Ultimately, we just want you to be successful."

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