Tribute to Bryant Wadsworth from John Wadsworth and Zennoa International

January 12, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Alpine, UT. January 12, 2017 - We honor the life, legacy, and memory of Bryant H. Wadsworth, and announce his passing. Bryant is John Wadsworth's older brother, and was instrumental in both introducing noni and extending John's vision to Japan.

As a young man, still in his teens, Bryant served as a missionary to Japan. From that time, Japan was a prominent fixture in Bryant's life, his career, his study, and his character.

Through constant study and practice, Bryant became proficient in Japanese. His life-long study of Japanese culture allowed him to work and function seamlessly among both the country's general populace and its royalty. His respect and admiration for Japan's culture and people was mirrored back to him, as all who knew him there, extended great respect and appreciation to him. This mirrored respect evidenced itself particularly when dignitaries selected Bryant, then still a junior diplomat, to interpret and translate for Japan's Emperor, while on a tour in the United States.

Bryant spent much of his career as a United States Government foreign diplomat, concentrated mostly in Japan. However, he also lived in Brussels for a time, representing U.S. interests to the European Union. He and his family also lived in Ottawa briefly, representing U.S. interests to Canada. Clearly, the leadership of the United States diplomatic corp. appreciated Bryant's abilities and capacities, as one sees that the three foremost trading partners to the U.S. — Japan, the European Union, and Canada — all felt Bryant's direct influence and attention.

While he enjoyed his service in Brussels and Ottawa, he was most comfortable in Tokyo, among the people and the culture that he had come to love.

After Bryant retired from his career in the United States Government, John Wadsworth asked him to establish a business structure for the distribution of noni juice in Japan. Because of Bryant's known integrity and capacity, the growth of noni consumption in that country was phenomenal. The Japan market, under Bryant's leadership, quickly became the foremost consumer of noni products in the entire world. Bryant's instrumentality in that phenomenon cannot be overstated.

If John Wadsworth developed the theory of a consumable noni, Bryant proved the theory by creating a business structure and environment in Japan that allowed noni to flow freely throughout the market. All other regions of the world have benefitted by what Bryant did in Japan.

John Wadsworth and Zennoa International honor this great man, and are committed to building on the foundation that Bryant established in Japan.

Among his accomplishments, far more than can be mentioned, Bryant's greatest legacy remains, and will ever be, his large and expanding family. Bryant and his wife, Janet, raised thirteen children, each one well accomplished; and now numerous grandchildren are extending that legacy. Everything in Bryant's life, every accomplishment and accolade, was simply part and parcel to his primary focus, that of being the husband, father, and grandfather that he was and is. All else may eventually be forgotten by time or progress; but, always, generations of posterity will stand as testimony to Bryant and his legacy.

Our hearts reach out to Bryant's wife, Janet, their children and grandchildren.

He was 74 years old.

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