Toronto Traffic Safety Plan is a Good Start Says Shop Insurance Canada

January 19, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
January 19, 2017 - Auto insurance authority Shop Insurance Canada has urged the City of Toronto to use investments into road safety wisely. The Vision Zero Road Safety Plan is encouraging, but the city must implement the correct changes to bring true reform and to save lives on the city's roads.

The City of Toronto has published its Vision Zero Road Safety Plan for 2017, with a number of changes made to help reduce collisions and traffic related fatalities. There are 45 new measures added to the plan that have been designed to help improve driver safety, while Toronto says the plan is focused on pedestrian safety.

Shop Insurance Canada is optimistic about the proposals, especially a focus on distracted driving. However, the online industry expert says the city should openly say that the plan is just a first step and admit much more must be done.

"It is good to see the City of Toronto introduce what we believe is a dynamic road safety plan for the year. Distracted driving is a problem that must be tackled head on, while a commitment to better protect pedestrians is noteworthy. Hopefully the city understands that there is still a lot of work to be done and that further reforms need to be made. This plan is certainly not a job completed."

"The government must also be willing to stand with insurance companies in the fight on distracted driving. Insurers are punishing offending drivers with increased premiums. Authorities should follow this lead and make legal penalties for distracted driving more of a deterrent. A focus on distracted driving in the coming years would reduce fatalities on Toronto's roads. Again, the 2017 plan is a start, but it is just a first step."

Other focuses of the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan for 2017 include protecting areas around schools, motorcycle safety, and fighting distracted driving. The plan was announced this month by Toronto Mayor John Tory, who was alongside Jaye Robinson (Ward 25 Don Valley West), chair of the city's public works and infrastructure committee.

The city has set aside $54 million in funding towards the plan and wider safety measures for traffic in the city. Some of the changes will happen over time, but others will be rolled out immediately. Toronto has announced 76 new locations for red light cameras.

In a press release, the city says red light cameras have been successful since their introduction in 2000. Since then, angle collisions (most common at red light intersections) that result in fatality or injury have fallen by over 60%. The new cameras will be rolled out in the coming months.

Toronto will also take danger hot spots more seriously. Areas of the city where pedestrians have been killed will now be investigated in-depth. These audits will result in recommendations and improvements to enhance the road safety in a location. Improvements could include geometric road modifications, speed reductions, street lighting improvements, enhanced pavement markings and signage, implementation of prohibited turn movements and/or signal timing modifications, the backgrounder said.

Other initiatives include:
  • Creation of "Seniors Safety Zones" to be implemented at 12 high priority locations, with increased pedestrian walk times, enhanced signage and enhanced pavement markings;
  • Geometric safety engineering improvements at 13 locations (realigning, reconfiguring and/or modifying intersections by reducing crossing distances, making the pedestrian crossing more accessible and reducing vehicle conflicts with cyclists and pedestrians);
  • Speed reductions along 32 additional corridors; and
  • Implementation of increased pedestrian walk times at 50 additional signalized intersections.
    77 fatalities occurred in Toronto during 2016, 43 of them were pedestrians.

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