AFuzion Inc. Receives Record Pre-Sales for its DO-178C & DO-254 Trainings in Madrid and Munich

January 26, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
January 28, 2017 - What is "1 + 5 + 6"? Answer = 12. Yes, there are just twelve total seats remaining for AFuzion's world-class DO-178C and DO-254 Training sessions scheduled for February 20-21 in Madrid and April 25-26 in Munich at the Aviation Electronics Europe conference, the world's largest. AFuzion's actual current trainers have trained over 11,850 avionics engineers from 1,000 companies in 35+ countries; more than all other trainers in the world, combined.

AFuzion provides the best-in-class training for safety-critical system development, certification and compliance. AFuzion practice areas include the aviation industry, avionics systems development, avionics software development, avionics hardware development, aviation safety, medical devices, transportation and automotive, and industrial control – all areas where Safety Is Critical™. AFuzion's actual engineers literally "wrote the book" and AFuzion's engineer's publications are in use by 95% of the world's avionics companies to achieve FAA certification and EASA certification including training on the new standards and recommended practices within the latest DO-178C, Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification. Training attendees receive access to the world's largest, and most proprietary, collection of technical safety-critical whitepapers on DO-178C, DO-254, ISO 26262, DO-278A, DO-200A, ARP–4754A, etcetera: developed by engineering experts with decades of collective experience.

Instead of trainers who "borrowed" their material from prior AFuzion courses or from trainers who never wrote a line of avionics code or VHDL, AFuzion's trainers have decades of experience applying what they teach and teaching how they apply it.

Says Chris Jackson, AFuzion co-founder: "Our trainers wrote the world's first DO-178 training years ago. Course attendees consistently call it "the best technical training they have ever received … anywhere". We are also chosen by the world's leading conferences and world leading safety organizations as the sole provider of their DO-178C, DO-254, etc training. Our engineers have worked for 90 of the world's largest 100 avionics companies so you learn how to optimize DO-178C and DO-254 for your world: the real world. AFuzion's world."

Adds Vance Hilderman, AFuzion's Chief Technical Officer "Attendees receive free access to the world's largest database of technical avionics development whitepapers, written by us. You can find 5-10 year old versions of these on our competitor's websites (with the author's name, our names, curiously removed ;) ) but why get outdated data, outdated tools, or outdated services from folks who never did the hard work? AFuzion: we make your hard work easier, teaching you how to optimize DO-178C for your world. The real world. Today's world."

Additional AFuzion DO-178C & DO-254 Training details: for sample training material or to learn why attendees call AFuzion's DO-178C and DO-254 Training the world's "Best", email us or click here:
AFuzion's DO-178C & DO-254 Training Details

For information on the last seat available in Spain for DO-178C training, 3 available last week, now just one, click here: AFuzion Madrid Training Feb 20-21, 2017

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