Revolutionary Reporting App, AntiSocial, Now Available On Google Play

February 02, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
February 2, 2017 - Bugbean is excited to announce the release of the innovative new usage reporting app, AntiSocial. With smartphone usage at an all time high, AntiSocial is designed to restore balance in our lives. Track and monitor the total minutes you spend on social media, texting, listing to music, and much more.

With AntiSocial, users can now easily discover and track how addicted they are with their smartphone.
Users receive a comprehensive and free report that will finally shed light on your smart phone addiction. The beautifully designed app reports the total number of minutes spent on social media per day and even your favorite apps.

What makes AntiSocial truly unique is its ability to run quietly in the background for 2-weeks gathering critical data about the way you use your smart phone. The unique app displays your usage data in a comprehensive report, complete with robust charts and an in-depth scoring system. For those looking to break their addicting habit, AntiSocial provides tools and resources to better balance thier lives.

"We believe that the overuse of our cell phones and social media is creating issues with some of the basic human mechanisms that are fundamentally important to us being a happy, healthy society. AntiSocial is designed to restore balance in our lives," said Chris Eade, creator of AntiSocial.

"We are slowly losing the ability to build meaningful relationships and we are losing concept of what is real and what appears to be real while we constantly search for that next hit of gratification or acceptance from artificial sources. AntiSocial is the solution."

AntiSocial is now available for free on the Google Play. For more information, visit

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