Otherworld Cottage Announces Plans for a New Book by Travis Pike, based on Harvey Kubernik's Interviews

February 25, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
February 25, 2017 - Since 2013, Harvey Kubernik's interviews have been contributing to Travis Pike's growing popularity. Soon those interviews will form the basis for "Then What Happened?", an Otherworld Cottage publication of memoirs of Pike's career in the entertainment industries from 1974 to the present.

The idea had been percolating for a while when Harvey notified Forgotten Hits that Sterling Publishing had announced an April 18, 2017 publishing date for his new book, "1967 A Complete Rock Music History of the Summer of Love," containing a sidebar by Travis, founder of Boston's 1967 rock band, Travis Pike's Tea Party.

As Harvey explained to Kent Kotal of Forgotten Hits, "I think the Travis piece is really unique and we both like to expose some of the forgotten and rarely chronicled veterans. As an author and a music historian, I think it is important to bring forward other 1967 voices like Travis as a balancing act to the other more well-known recording artists like Jerry Garcia, Paul Kantner, Carlos Santana, David Ruffin, Ray Manzarek, Justin Hayward, Andrew Loog Oldham, Keith Richards, the Seeds, Albert King, Marshall Chess, Johnny Cash, and so many interview subjects I've talked to over the last 40 years that inform my book.

As such, I've enclosed a new interview I did with Travis Pike that is not a part of the book, which I thought might be perfect to run on your site. Travis kept so many of his photos, reviews and articles from fifty years ago. He really offers some Boston-birthed unique reflections on the magical Summer of Love never reported."

The engrossing in-depth interview was too long to post as part of the Forgotten Hits on-going series on the Summer of Love, but rather than cut it down, Forgotten Hits published the complete interview in a special newsletter.

Last December's Kubernik-Pike in-depth pictorial interview, featured in the Winter 2016-17 issue of Ugly Things Magazine, has now been posted on the Travis Pike's Online Interviews and Pictorials Webpage, too.

That issue of Ugly Things featured a Mike Stax review of Pike's book, Odd Tales and Wonders: 1964-1974 A Decade of Performance in which he reported "Pike is an engaging storyteller with a sharp memory for detail," and then went beyond the book to comment on Pike's impressive catalog of music and spoken word CDs and the 50th Anniversary Edition of his father's crash action featurette, "Demo Derby", filmed in Massachusetts in 1963 and "screened in theaters nationwide the following year as the opening feature for A Hard Day's Night.

A new Cave Hollywood, Kubernik-Pike interview is scheduled to post in early March, in plenty of time to be included among the sources for Pike's "Then What Happened?" Scuttlebutt is that there are more completed interviews waiting in the wings.

Otherworld Cottage expects to publish "Then What Happened?" this Fall.

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