Clipping Path Services - Cut Significant Costs on Graphics

February 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
The recent trend of outsourcing has hit the graphic design industry, now this trend is also within the clipping path niche which can be a cost saver for many businesses that make use of any form of digital imaging.

Among the many well known graphic outsourcing tasks there is everything from 3D/2D graphics to the entire design of a website. However, a new service which is in the current focus of design companies is the outsourcing of clipping paths. This new service simply outlines any images or photos needed for graphical production and allows the customer to place any background behind the actual object. This is often needed for catalogs, posters, brochures, websites, and many other forms of print or design.

For several flower services, LazyMask (a clipping path specialist), has become an essential asset in their production chain. According to Jens Brober the CEO of FloraGrafia, a flower marketing company, “LazyMask has cut costs significantly and saved me a lot of hours, which I otherwise would have spent on clipping paths rather than marketing”.

LazyMask chooses, as one of the few companies, to channel all its resources into meeting this clipping path need. CEO Morten Kirk Andersen says that “by specializing in this service, LazyMask can offer the best quality level in the industry as well as cost efficient prices. Our focus is in making customers not only realize that major costs can be saved, but also a lot of time.”

So whether clipping paths are only a minor part of company costs, businesses should think again if those clipping path hours actually can be spent on more value driving objectives. This is an age where cutting costs and saving time are a core necessity to be successful in the business world.