Bulgarian Property Book: Success Stories From Readers

February 02, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News

"Bulgarian Property Book: Success Stories From Readers"

Single mum, Jo Losack, who raided her kids savings to
invest in Bulgarian property and doubled their investment
in 4 months has helped other Brits succeed in finding
their Bulgarian adventures too.

After she returned to the UK, having bought two houses
for £3,500 each she then faced the challenge of how to
raise some more money to get them both renovated. She
decided to 'package her knowledge' and write a book
about her experience of how to buy property in Bulgaria.

Her book, "A Brits Scrapbook: How To Buy Property in
Bulgaria" shares simple tips for choosing a property and
tackling the various hurdles involved in the buying process.

Her book has been being plucked from the shelves for just
less than a year now with some fantastic reader successes.

Claire, one of Jo's readers who found her dream 100 year
old farmhouse says, "Joanna's book was invaluable… my
husband referred to it frequently to make sure everything had been
covered! A few weeks later the purchase had been completed
and we became the very proud owners of a country retreat.

"We are now in the process of planning the renovation of our
property and have recently passed Joanna's book onto some
friends, so that they too can discover the beauty of

Another reader says, "I fell upon Jo's book and was
captivated. The book enabled me to plan well ahead…
I found my beautiful turkey farm in 1600 square metres
of smallholding. I have since had it re- wired, painted
and two shower rooms and a septic tank
inserted all for £5,000. My lovely neighbour Venka is
looking after the turkeys! Pleased? You bet. I have a s
per bolt hole of my own in a beautiful country all for
the princely sum of £8,000!"

Finally, experienced property investor, Gillian Duff, who
read Jo's book realised £12,000 in a weekend. She says,
"After reading her book … I continued to research the
opportunities in Bulgaria - in the ski resorts, at the Black
Sea Coast and in the mountains - and finally bought an
apartment off-plan in Bansko, just 70m from the ski lift.
In the weekend following my purchase, the developer
increased the cost of the remaining apartments, giving
my apartment a £12,000 increase in valuation over just
one weekend!"

"A Brit's Scrapbook: How To Buy Property In Bulgaria" is
available on Amazon and in all good bookshops.



Interview Jo
Jo and her two children , Johnny, 12 and Sam 8, have some
fantastic tales to tell about their adventures (see below

"I will never forget the sheer panic - it was dark and I
drove the wrong way up a three lane motorway. The police
started to chase us - but I managed to get away!"

"After a three hour trek up a mountain, passing NOBODY on
the trail, we reached the top with stunning scenery and my
12 year old exclaimed - blow playstation and the telly -
this is the best day of my life!"

"Driving around was a nightmare - all the road signs were in
Cyrillic and to add further confusion, if you ask the way,
Bulgarians nod their heads to say no and shake their heads
to say yes - getting lost was beginning to become a habit!"

If you'd like to interview Jo to share tips and experiences
with your audience or request a review copy you can
contact her via Lean Marketing Press:
T: 0870 005 6250
E: authors@leanmarketingpress.com

The Book
Title: A Brit's Scrapbook: How To Buy Property In Bulgaria
Author: Joanna Losack
Publisher: Lean Marketing Press
Price: £9.99
Format: 6x9 Paperback and eBook

Available To Buy At www.BookShaker.com…

Cover Art…
300dpi full jacket art available on request

Photographs of Jo, her boys and the families in the
case studies are available on request.