DevHub makes the case for Web Experience - Co-op Marketing Opportunity

March 28, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
March 28, 2017 - DevHub continues to see significant interest in taking brands local. How many brands sell through local retail businesses? 150? 1100? 100000? Think about it for a second? From the cars you drive - auto dealerships (Ford, GM, Mercedes) to the bed you sleep on (Tempurpedic, Serta) to the TVs you watch (Samsung, Sony, Vizio) - and that is just the beginning think - auto repair brands, service area businesses, food brands etc. Our best guess is well over 100,000+ brands trying to connect with the local consumer through local retail channels. Therein lies the opportunity for web experience!

But unlike the traditional mindset of building one off landing pages - web experience has evolved to include proxied sites, distributed landing pages and mobile sites all controlled by the hundreds and thousands - dynamically keeping pace with the brand's message - and yet easy enough for the local retailer to use. An agency or co-op department powered with the ability to instantly experiment with pushing brand approved content (variances of offers, variances of creative, etc.) to local websites are armed with a potent tool to experiment and test local consumer reaction to boost sales by location or region, take advantage of seasonality or leverage local events. Today, more that 60 percent of brands, cannot seamlessly put location-specific creative on their operators' local website. Most have to email, beg, or manually add the newest monthly creative content/promotion/offer to their hundreds or thousands of websites manually. Most just don't or can't manage localized changes on that scale.

According to several sources including: Borrel Associates, Netsertive, Marketing Land, IAB and others - there are untold BILLIONS of advertising monies that go unused via co-op marketing programs.

Web Experience is now more important than ever - as the ability to deploy scaled marketing campaigns safely and easily that adhere to brand compliance is available at the push of a button! This is where DevHub can help brands and their local retailers leverage the co-op money and stay consistent with the brand rules/ paperwork.

Example: Summer is rapidly approaching and jet-skis are soon to the hit water - Jet Ski Brand wants to let consumers know that their 2017 inventory is having a special financing of 0% interest for the first 24 months. Using DevHub, Jet-Ski Brand can build 100s of localized landing pages on unique URLs that they can then distribute to their local retailers. Local retailers now have a clean unique URL that they can use in their media buys for the month - both the brand and local retailer will know the effectiveness of the campaign through the analytics being tracked on both ends. When the summer campaign is over in a month - Jet Ski Brand can dynamically replace the 0% interest offer with the next promotion.

For more on co-op marketing and how scaled web experience is a true go to market strategy - visit DevHub today.

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