DevHub Takes Brands Local - Fast

April 04, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
April 4, 2017 - National, Local, Hyper Local - taking brands local is a real thing - that is where the money is.

DevHub works with National brands that are advertising locally since that is where the consumer is. Consumers interact with brands at the local level - typically buying their products i.e. mattresses, cars, drills etc through large big box stores i.e. Costco, Home Depot, Wal-Mart etc. Brands clearly understand that their audiences have moved online and are searching for their products on the go. Recently released Thrive Analytics data reveals consumers are accessing local information increasingly on the go with seventeen percent in the car and thirty-five percent on the go.

Websites are no longer online brochures - mobile landing pages with specific offers are the new rage - sometimes called 'micro sites.' The modern 'site' has become disposable as the latest deal or inventory is hot NOW not 90 days from now. No matter the campaign, all roads lead back to a foundational site: landing page page, mobile page, micro sites. Sites needs to perform many more functions in order to convert visitors. From the basics of clear navigation, to more sophisticated e-commerce and scheduling applications, the site is an integral part of campaign planning - its FOUNDATIONAL.

Leading consumers to actionable sites is the clear value. Sites need to work harder, deploy faster and track conversions unlike ever before. Rolling out these localized sites is easy and safe with a web experience platform - like DevHub. DevHub allows product managers to create and manage high converting sites: landing pages, micro sites - that work harder to support site visits as well as improving marketing campaign performance.

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