WeePallet Begins to Mold Certified Hygienic Plastic Pallets for Pharmaceutical & Foodstuff Industries

April 13, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
WeePallet, a global leader in manufacturing and supplying plastic pallets, today begun to mold certified hygienic plastic pallets for pharmaceutical and foodstuff industries. These plastic pallets are made from food grade HDPE material with no metal reinforcements.

WeePallet plastic pallets are subjected to strict hygienic tests to ensure they conform to the international standards. They are made from virgin HDPE to eliminate possibility of harmful pathogens breeding on the plastic pallets.

"Hygiene is a fundamental aspect for any plastic pallets used in pharmaceutical, foodstuff and drug industries; a reason why WeePallet has invested in molding pallets that are fully sealed with a smooth surface to avoid contamination by dust, mold and bacteria," said Mr. Blue Zeng, the WeePallet Export Manager. "We conduct quality tests at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure our plastic pallet is tolerant to weaker acids, chemical and alkalis."

Every WeePallet hygienic plastic pallet must pass other quality verification procedures such as loading and 100 meter tests. This aims to examine the structural strength and design of the plastic pallets.

Features of WeePallet Certified Plastic Pallets

No cavities: WeePallet plastic pallets have a smooth surface with nearly closed sections. This prevents any possibility of dirt accumulating on the pallet surface.

The designs make WeePallet plastic pallets easy to clean. Therefore, it is easier to maintain the required hygiene standards in both pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

WeePallet plastic pallets are compliant with all hygienic measures and standards as stipulated by the U.S. FDA.

Flow-through design: Cleaning and maintaining the required hygienic standards is easy with a flow-through design. This makes it easy to inspect the hygienic standard of the WeePallet plastic pallets both during transportation or storage.

An anti-microbial additive on request: For hygiene sensitive environments such as pharmaceutical and food industries, WeePallet may apply anti-microbial additives. This kills any pathogens or microbes that may be on the surface of the plastic pallet.

Durable and super strong HDPE material: WeePallet hygienic pallets are made from 100% virgin HDPE material that is durable and strong.

Load test: WeePallet plastic pallets are subjected to static, dynamic, racking and impact loading tests. This ensures the plastic pallet meets the required mechanical and hygienic requirements.

Dimensionally stable: WeePallet plastic pallets neither shrink nor expand on exposure to prolonged loading. WeePallet conducts thorough tests to ensure that even on exposure to the harsh chain supply system, the change in dimensions is negligible.

Standard requirements: These pallets can fit on the standard forklifts, though customized options are available on request.

Clients in the pharmaceutical and foodstuff industry can order for certified hygienic plastic pallets from WeePallet's official website.

About WeePallet

WeePallet is an internationally recognized manufacturing force for plastic pallets in China. The company uses a high-tech molding process and testing equipment.

It uses high quality and virgin HDPE and PP materials. Currently, it has a production capacity of 15,000 per day.

WeePallet is now one of the best plastic pallet manufacturers in China.

Media contact:

Contact Person: Blue Zeng
Email: blue@weepallet.com
Phone: 86-137-1715-1153
Website: http://www.weepallet.com/plastic-pallets/

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