RentVest Property Management Announces Alliance with Boomerang to Combine Services for Rental Property Investors

April 20, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
MESA, Ariz., April 20, 2017 - Property management leader RentVest announces a new alliance with Boomerang Capital Partners, a Mesa-based real estate financing company, to combine services for the benefit of rental property investors.

One of the greatest challenges for investors looking to diversify their rental property portfolios in different states is finding dependable, high-quality property management to oversee them. Boomerang Spencer Owens and RentVest co-founder Spencer Caldwell collaborated to incentivize rental property investors by incorporating proven PM services with locked in low monthly fees, an appealing convenience for long-distance investors.

"I'm seeing some real value for long-distance investors that search far and wide in different markets for the best buy and hold deals," Owens says. "With the industry as archaic as it is, finding and maintaining consistency in property management performance and pricing is challenging.

"As RentVest strategically expands into more and more of the hottest rental property markets, more and more investors will love being able to manage their expenses by leveraging RentVest's scalability to lock in a low monthly flat fee that doesn't go up with every rent increase."

Boomerang Capital will offer a special financing rate to RentVest clients acquiring properties to add to their rental portfolios.

Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona with offices in Phoenix and Tucson, Dallas Texas, Atlanta Georgia, and Reno and Las Vegas Nevada, RentVest plans to expand to Colorado, Florida, and Memphis Tennessee by the end of 2017, part of the company's multi-city growth plan to expand into 20 markets nationwide by 2020. Boomerang Capital is actively lending in Colorado, Arizona, and Texas, and exploring opportunities in Tennessee and Georgia.

"Boomerang is interested in following RentVest in all of their markets," Owens says.
According to Caldwell, the alliance is also intended to motivate existing RentVest clients to grow their property portfolios by furnishing the tools and resources needed to support their investment goals and provide investors with a sense of security.

"Our clients already have confidence in RentVest's customer-centric property management services," Caldwell says. "Boomerang Capital emphasizes the same high standards of customer service through its innovative and flexible lending services centered on investor value, which makes this alliance a natural fit."

The combination of providing highly qualified, reliable property management in the nation's hottest rental property markets at lower marginal expense due to scale, consistency, and convenience across multiple markets is expected to drive investor confidence.

"We believe investors deserve the best property management services available," Owens says. "Our alliance with an industry leader like RentVest, the decision to invest in long-distance rental properties will be easier and much more hassle-free."

RentVest utilizes innovative, customer-centric, technology-driven property management tools and techniques to provide flat-fee services to cater to the growing investor market. The company's unique lean expansion model helps meet the need for quality property management services that property owners require in today's market.

To learn more, visit the RentVest website and the Boomerang Capital website, email, or call (480) 485-1403.

About RentVest:
Launched in June 2016 by Gentry Real Estate Group founders Spencer Caldwell, Jacob Ash, and Benton Cotter, RentVest is already establishing itself as a market leader in the property management industry. With offices in Tucson and Phoenix Arizona, Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, Dallas, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia, RentVest harnesses state-of-the-art technology and unprecedented customer service to manage high-quality rental properties for busy property owners.

In 2016, RentVest was named to Inc. 5000, Inc. Media's annual list of the 5,000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in the U.S,

About Boomerang Capital:
Boomerang Capital Partners is a real estate finance company focused on lending and equity investment opportunities with strong growth potential and stable returns. Boomerang Capital is led by an experienced management team with a successful track record of evaluating, managing, and improving the capital projects in which it invests.
The Mesa, Arizona-based company specializes in private equity, private lending, and asset management services.


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