Kingdom Komfort Begins Producing Bulk Horse Bedding Pellets from its Pellet Mill in PA

May 24, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
May 24, 2017 - The past two years at Kingdom BioFuel have been rather busy, says the marketing director for this small, family owned company in Southern Lancaster County, PA. Huge changes occurred as the pellet company went from producing and selling heating wood pellets from another mill, to purchasing and installing a mill of their own.

But heating pellets were not enough for this small and budding company. They began to see potential in other areas of the pellet world. Recently, Kingdom BioFuel announced their new line of Kingdom Komfort horse bedding pellets manufactured in their pellet mill in PA.

Five or six days a week, wood pellets are streaming out of the heavy duty pellet mill in the Kingdom Komfort facility in Peach Bottom PA. The process begins with raw sawdust collected around the county. The sawdust is actually a waste product that if left to decay will create carbon gases during the decay process. The pellet mill takes that this dust and presses it with extreme pressure via the pellet mills to create eco-friendly pellets for heating and now for horse bedding pellets.

Bedding Pellets for horses have some unique advantages over sawdust, reports Ephraim Stoltzfus, one of the Kingdom BioFuel owners. First, as a result of passing through the pellet mill, they are dryer than normal shavings. The intense pressure created in the mill creates heat that reduces the humidity in the sawdust as it turns into horse bedding pellets. They also take up less storage space than traditional wood shaving bedding.

But more importantly, they make cleaning the horse stall much less of a hassle. Rather than removing large amounts of sawdust to get rid of the horse waste, horse owners only remove the waste that has been effected. According to the Kingdom Komfort website, horse bedding pellets reduce waste removal by up to 50%.

Kingdom Komfort pellets come via a bulk delivery method. The horse bedding pellets are loaded onto their delivery truck equipped with a vac system and delivered directly to horse owners bulk pellet storage systems. This means less bag waste to go into the dumpster and less handling of those bags.

To get started with bulk horse bedding pellets one needs a storage bin or container to keep the first ton of pellets safe and dry. Kingdom BioFuel will even work with horse bedding customers to install a custom pellet bin or provide a DIY Pellet Bin for the bedding pellets. To get started, Kingdom BioFuel offers a very economical twenty five dollar Super Sack for storing the first ton of pellets.

From their facility in Lancaster County, Kingdom Komfort bedding pellets will be shipped to nearby Maryland and equine owners across Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.

And, to top it off, they are also offering Prune Pits for heating in PA and MD.

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