Adventure Travel: Giant Squid Diving-“Red Demon” Encounters

February 04, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
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Patric Douglas CEO

Adventure Travel: Giant Squid Diving-“Red Demon” Encounters

San Francisco, California- Imagine being surrounded by an undersea predator that even sharks stay clear of. The predator in question is highly intelligent, moves in stealthy hunting packs and grows to a length of seven feet weighing in at a whopping 200 pounds. It also posses eight strong arms with tooth studded suckers capable of ripping two pound chunks of flesh off it’s victims every two minutes.

Welcome to the wild world of the Giant Squid (Dosidicus gigas) or as it’s commonly known in Mexico, the Red Demon Squid.

Until very recently this deep water predator was the stuff of legends and mystery. Now Shark Diver ( the webs foremost shark diving adventure company has teamed up with two legendary Giant Squid experts Scott Cassell & Dale Pearson to bring this unique animal to the general public and adventure seekers alike. Scott and Dale have spent more time in the water with these magnificent animals than any other divers on the planet and have just completed a deep water documentary “Dancing with Demons”.

Why Giant Squids?
“It’s mainly about access” says Douglas, CEO of Shark Diver. “There’s no other place in the world where real adventure seekers, specifically those who are curious about giant squids, can just jump in a boat and encounter these amazing critters at this depth. We are lucky to say the least to have this kind of operation and dive site right here”. Douglas and his staff have discovered Great White sharks off the coast of San Diego at Isla Guadalupe, rare deep water species off the coast of Roatan and recently pack hunting Salmon Sharks in Alaska. Giant Squids were a natural addition.
“We strive to offer encounters with predators that change people perception of them” says Douglas. In the case of Great Whites Douglas says they are “greatly misunderstood”, the same case for the Giant Squid. “It’s also about going where few have been before, and coming home from a vacation with a rush like you have never felt before”
“These adventures are not for the faint of heart, it’s serious diving, with a predator possessing an undersea intelligence rated at one of the highest in the ocean” says Douglas, “Its also one of the last frontiers for this kind of real adventure, divers who have done it all, are seeking these once in a lifetime encounters”.
To book a squid diving adventure with Patric Douglas and the crew of Shark Diver, call 415.235.9410 or visit or

About Patric Douglas
Cleaning up after his third hurricane in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Shark Diver’s Patric Douglas decided that there had to be a safer way to make a living. He moved back to the west coast where he was quickly offered a job working for a medical travel company escorting American doctors all over the globe. Douglas then spent the next two years as one of the first American tour guides back into Vietnam setting up a safe, unique travel route throughout its remarkable historically rich country. While escorting 21-day tours through China, Bali, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America, his easygoing leadership and good humor made for some exciting moments on the road that would not have happened without him. Mountain slides in Peru, saltwater crocodiles blocking the road in Australia and even a Cyclone in New Zealand did not deter this imaginative expedition guide from offering the best available to his risk-taking international clients. Finding a safer way to make a living has now led this adventure entrepreneur into the deep sea realm of the world’s great sharks and now… Giant Squids!