Marketing Public Relations Firm Outlines "25 Ways to Turn Your Published Articles into Gold"

February 04, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Torrance, CA — Power PR, Inc., an industrial marketing public relations firm, today announces the immediate availability of a new report entitled, "25 Ways to Turn Your Published Articles into Gold." For any company that seeks publicity for its products and services, this fast-reading report succinctly reveals the means to maximize the potential of most any published article generated by a professional marketing publicity program.

This special report begins by noting that wringing the most mileage out of Internet, magazine and newspaper articles does not end with the date of publication. Rather, publication merely acts as a springboard to multiply the value of that initial marketing publicity exposure.

"If you already have marketing publicity about your company and its products and you are not maximizing that exposure, you are wasting a priceless resource," said the report's author John W. Elliott, founder of Power PR, Inc. "Articles generated by a marketing public relations firm are powerful even when they are handed to someone as a reprint."

The report reveals 25 separate tips that explain how to expose a product marketing story to other individuals — such as sales prospects and potential investors besides the initial readers of the publication. Some suggestions include framing the reprints and lining the walls of the company lobby to impress visitors; and posting the articles on the company Intranet to boost employee morale.

These tips are especially useful when an industrial marketing publicity article is successful in explaining the benefits of a new technology or spotlighting the rollout of a new and innovative product.

"Such marketing publicity articles are an asset, and like any asset, you must keep them working for you," says Elliott with the voice of experience. His marketing public relations firm, Power PR, Inc., specializes in getting published articles for manufacturers about their products — having placed more than 15,000 published articles since 1994.

Elliott's first recommendation is to create a publicity book. Select an attractive three-ring binder and place the company name and logo on the cover. Insert every product marketing article and include a copy of the magazine cover in which the article appeared. Place it on the CEO’s desk for important visitors to view. Also, make duplicates for other C-level executives and sales managers.

CaminoSoft Corp. of Calabasas, California, recently compiled a press book that contained copies of all 64 published articles that Power PR obtained for them.

"We put the book in our conference room so visitors would see it immediately, and they're very impressed, " says Berry Lederman, president of CaminoSoft. "The book speaks for our company. Clients don't have to ask us who we are, or what we do. They just look at the articles generated by our marketing public relations firm and everything is there. It lets people see that our company is solid and reliable right away."

The Special Report about maximizing articles generated by a marketing public relations firm is available at no charge at, or by calling Power PR, Inc. at (310) 787-1940 for a hard copy of the report to be sent by mail.