Excelite is Looking for Global Installer for Swimming Pool Enclosure

August 22, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
August 22, 2017 - Excelite, a global leader in manufacturing pool enclosures, is currently looking for global installers for swimming pool enclosures. Successful businesses or individuals will get professional training, which Excelite will offer for free.

The global swimming pool enclosures installers will be Excelite's business agents. They will help in the distribution since Excelite delivers swimming pool enclosures to clients' door step.

Global installers will also repair and maintain Excelite swimming pool enclosures since they will be certified partners of the company. The certification will only be after an in-depth training on every aspect of the pool enclosures and passing subsequent tests.

"Our presence in the global swimming pool enclosure market has expanded rapidly and recruiting will help Excelite provide the best support to its clients," said Sunny Sun, Excelite Marketing Manager. "As a company, we are committed to ensuring our clients get professional services and pool enclosures at the best market prices."

Interested businesses should submit their applications either through Excelite's website or using the email address in the contact information. Excelite is an equal opportunity provider and neither asks for application fees nor has it subcontracted this recruitment process.

The global installers for swimming pool enclosures will be paid on commission basis. This will depend on the number, size and design of swimming pool enclosures installed.

Excelite has over 6 models of swimming pool enclosures that vary in sizes from 11' * 21' to over 24' * 46'. The designs range from fixed, retractable to wall mounted pool enclosures, with many roofing designs.

Applicants for the position of a global installer for swimming pool must indicate their geographical location and if possible a proof of legal existence. Besides, they must have no criminal record and adhere to Excelite's terms of agreement.

Knowledge or previous experience in handling solid polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures will be an added advantage. This is because Excelite swimming pool enclosures are made from solid polycarbonate sheet and extruded aluminum rods.

Excelite team will contact the interested candidates using only its official email address.

About Excelite Plastics Ltd
For over 15 years, Excelite Plastic Ltd. has designed and manufactured hundreds of snow rated swimming pool enclosures. The pool enclosures are available in many designs from fixed, retractable, low profile, high profile to wall mounted, with various roofing styles.

Depending on the design and structure, Excelite pool enclosures are available from $2,999.

Contact info:
Contact person: Angela Yang
Contact email: sales@exceliteplas.com
Website: www.excelite-enclosure.com/excelite-pool-enclosure/
Tel no: +86-13913597881

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