Curing Your Super Bowl Hangover

February 04, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Planning a big Super Bowl Party for Super Bowl XL? Many people are doing the same. There's nothing small about the Super Bowl, including the parties. Super Bowl Sunday has become America's biggest live sporting event, exceeding over 143.6 million viewers in 2005.

Recent surveys state the average Super Bowl party includes a whopping 17 hungry and thirst football fans! That's alot bigger than the average birthday party which has only 7 party goers. Many of the 17 Super Bowl partiers at each party hit the liquor cabinet harder then the NFL's top linebackers hit a rookie running back.

This explains why over 6 percent of all Americans call in sick the next day due to hangovers. The Super Bowl Hangover is the cause of the single largest sick day of the year. And you thought your boss actually believed all your previous post Super Bowl “calling in sick” stories. He probably taped them and had the rest of the staff rolling on the floor with laughter.

No dought about it, Super Bowl Sunday is a great reason to party and have a great time. But this Years Elite Super Bowl Sunday parties are serving great food, speciality drinks, big buckets of beer along with a tray full of Alcohol-X. Alcohol-X? Yes Alcohol-X is a new hangover product for the prevention and relief of hangovers. Alcohol-X from Bhelliom Enterprises is one product that guarantees your Monday after the Super Bowl is hangover free. Bhelliom Enterprises is so conifident in Alcohol-X and It's effectiveness; and so you have a chance to have Alcohol-X at your Super Bowl Party, they are giving Alcohol-X away on their website all this week.

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