Train Your Brain.. One Fart At A Time! Improve Memory In The Most Hilarious Way Possible

August 30, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
August 30, 2017 - Pure Fusion Media is proud to announce the launch of Burp, Belch & Fart, now available for Free on the App Store. Why should memory training have to be boring? A hilarious new app called Burp, Belch & Fart uses a variety of bodily sounds - burping, farting, belching, sneezing and snorting - with silly animated characters to help users exercise their memory and build concentration with this fast-paced, addictive game.

Burp, Belch & Fart is similar to the enormously popular 1970s electronic party game Simon where players must remember specific sequences of tones and lights with increasing speed and complexity then tap the correct buttons to recall the sequence. The absurd twist of bodily sounds in Burp, Belch & Fart makes this farcical app both funny and addictive, for kids of all ages. There are unlimited levels, AND BONUS POWERUP POINTS FOR CLICKING RAPIDLY, available as the gameplay advances, making Burp, Belch & Fart always a challenge.

"Who doesn't love a good fart joke?" said app DESIGNER (or CREATOR) David Litwin. "STUDIES HAVE SHOWN that the best way for children to improve their memory is through seamlessly integrating laughter with memory patterns to advance their skillset. I designed the app to be both entertaining and fun and used by millions of users. Of course, you may want to keep the volume down in public."

Burp, Belch & Fart adds in a healthy dose of cultural satire. A few of the absurd characters include "Backyard Bob," everyone's nightmare neighbor; "Selfie Sasha," the narcissistic teenager, and "Dejon," the wannabe gangsta rapper.

For more information on the game including FAQ, screenshots and video demos please visit the App Store or

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