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September 16, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
September 16, 2017 - Hold onto your FIFA Coins, soccer fans, FIFA 18 releases on September 29, and the hype train has been unstoppable! Fans have been clamoring for whatever information they can get their hands on about this beloved franchise. Well, we're here to help you out with this hype problem; hopefully, we can ease (or worsen) your need for soccer action with our impressions on an early review copy of FIFA 18. Graphical updates, control and AI balance, as well as a whole slew of other improvements in game modes and player ratings, FIFA 18 is proving to be the most polished iteration. There probably isn't a single thing we dislike about FIFA 18, and we'll give you but a small glimpse of what's to come.

Graphical Improvement - Graphics can make or break a game even though it's one of the least important factors for a game's success, especially with the dramatic rise of indie games. Well, this isn't true for FIFA, however, as the graphics are almost directly tied to the success of their previous iteration. Naturally, we wouldn't want Messi to look messy as we cross the soccer field now, do we? EA made it happen this time around! Everything looks so smooth and realistic that it's hard to believe that FIFA 18 is still running on the same Frostbite engine as FIFA 17. From every pore of a player's skin to the beads of sweat running down their shirts, FIFA 18 is a marked improvement in the graphics department.

However, it doesn't only end there since all the animations in the game have been overhauled. Almost every player has a unique jogging and sprinting animation according to their body type as well as their real-world counterparts. Never again will you see two players move differently, giving FIFA 18 a crazy amount of authenticity. Even the crowds seem real because of their reactions to whatever is happening on the field. Gone are the days where it's just a static, boring, and ceaselessly cheering or booing audience. Feel the hype when soccer hooligans make a mess or when the crowd frantically cheers for your amazing goal!

Controls and Game Modes - The biggest thing you'll notice when you play FIFA 18 for the first time is how responsive the controls are. Yes, FIFA 17 is a good game, but the controls could sometimes be a pain in the neck. You would often find yourself passing in the wrong direction, being unable to dribble across the field properly, or just aim a shot accurately. In FIFA 18, however, you have greater control. If you want to pass the ball, you just do. If you want to shoot, no problem. In a nutshell, FIFA 18 is worth buying.

We're excited for the arrival of The Journey 2: the continuation of Alex Hunter's adventures as he ponders about his future filled with drama, intrigue, and the fast-paced life of an elite soccer player. EA has made it possible for a split-path system where each action you take will affect a future event (i.e., everything you do in FIFA 18 matters). Back in the original Journey, it didn't matter if Hunter was a prick because the result would always be the same. Hopefully, EA makes good on their promise and can deliver a quality choose-your-own-path type of adventure.

It's unfortunate that you won't be able to create your own character in The Journey 2, but you certainly can deck out Alex Hunter. Whether you give him the silly fashion sense of Hector Bellerin, with strange haircuts, or tribal tattoos like Gregory van der Wiel, you can do it! Career mode is shaping up to be a fantastic improvement over the last iteration. Hopefully, it will become a permanent trend in all future FIFA games.

FIFA 18 is Imminent
The game is so close that many of us can taste the freshly cut grass, the cheering of passionate fans, and victory in the air! This latest iteration of the FIFA franchise is very impressive, and there doesn't seem to be any apparent faults to it at this time. Hopefully, FIFA 18 remains a fantastic game that every avid soccer fan can come back to, at least before the release of FIFA 19. The countdown for September 29 begins!

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