Niche social network for maritime professionals launches

September 25, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
(September 24, 2017), LLC is proud to announce the launch of their fully integrated social networking website, designed to help merchant mariners stay up-to-date on industry happenings and keep in touch with family, friends and professional acquaintances. The website,, helps mariners and aspiring seamen acquire the knowledge they need on everything from credentialing to ship conditions. Through an easy-to-navigate platform, sailors will also be able to share photos, videos, and experiences with others.

The website was created by mariners, for mariners, and seeks to become the go-to resource for merchant sailors in the United States to network, keep in touch with loved ones and learn about the art of seamanship. is in a unique position to enhance the lives and careers of maritime professionals. No other online platform currently provides merchant mariners with a one-stop shop for researching work environments at sea, while also facilitating the digital communication characteristic of other social networks like Facebook.

Those who join as members will enjoy free access to community forums for mariners to share insights on destinations, living conditions aboard different ships, and memorable work experiences. Users also have the opportunity to create and join groups of like-minded professionals. Each member can post status updates, share media, and interact with other members' posts. A real-time feed also gives users a comprehensive view of the online activity of other mariners. For the education and enjoyment of everybody in the network, the platform features a blog, which will be updated regularly with posts on topics of interest.

Working in the maritime industry can create lasting friendships between people. However, it also means a lot of time away from family and friends. provides a bridge that connects merchant mariners to the people and things that matter most in their world.

About, LLC is committed to providing an informative venue for the men and women who operate America's commercial ships during peacetime and serve as naval auxiliary during times of war. The easy-to-navigate social networking website is also designed to enhance the lives of those with family members in the merchant marine, as well as anybody considering a career at sea. Joining is free. To become a member, please visit

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