Scottsdale, AZ Author Publishes Collection of Novels

October 17, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
The Polski Trilogy, a new book by Leon H. Gildin, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

THE POLSKI AFFAIR - When her husband and children vanished during a Nazi sweep of the Warsaw ghetto, Rosa Feurmann sought refuge with the partisans operating on the outskirts of Warsaw. Learning of unusual happenings at the Hotel Polski, a small and undistinguished hotel, located at the edge of the ghetto, Rosa was sent to try determine why Jews were seen entering and in some cases leaving the Hotel, and to report back to the partisans.

Unfortunately, Rosa's role was discovered, she was never allowed to report back, and she came under the direct supervision and control of the Hotel's Nazi commandant.

What she did to survive haunts Rosa for the rest of her life and when called to testify at the commandant's War Crimes Trial she is forced to lie to protect and defend her own fragile ego. Conflict with her family over her days and months spent at the Polski is a never ending source of unhappiness.

THE FAMILY AFFAIR - The story of Rosa, now known as Anna, continues in Israel where she has lived following her release, along with a group of others, from the Hotel Polski. Her family has grown and a fortuitous discovery of one of her sons who survived the Holocaust, as well as the introduction of others, all in some way related to the commandant of the Hotel, continues to open new wounds for Anna, giving her no peace, and, in certain ways, tearing the family apart.

THE FINAL AFFAIR - Years have passed, new characters come into the picture who, without meaning to, continue to bring Anna's recollections of the Hotel Polski and her survival to mind, but a series of totally unexpected, and unforeseen happenings finally brings peace, forgiveness and comfort to Anna and reunites her family.

About the Author:
Not satisfied with the unhappiness and lack of resolution of the problems of the families portrayed in both books, Leon H. Gildin chose, after many years, to write The Final Affair. With revisions to the first two books The Polski Trilogy carries the story on for more than thirty years and results in the in-gathering of the families, the understanding of survival and the happiness for which the principals have searched and are entitled to their later years.

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Praise for Gildin's writing:
"Engrossing stories, written with skill and compassion within the context of historical reality." Prof. Gordon DiPaolo, Staten Island University

"In two of the most powerful novels I've read in a while, Leon H. Gildin explores the emotional consequence of surviving the Holocaust. THE POLSKI AFFAIR tells of Rosa's captivity in the Warsaw ghetto and the Hotel Polski. (Years later) her son's research into the Hotel Polski in THE FAMILY AFFAIR threatens to break open the door to the past." - Sacramento and San Francisco Book Review

The Polski Trilogy is a 514-page paperback with a retail price of $29.00. The ISBN is 978-1-4809-5040-5. It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information, or to request a review copy, please go to our virtual pressroom at or our online bookstore

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