Top Louisville Software Development and IT Consulting Company Prosoft Nearshore Launches New Website and Introduces "Number8" Brand

October 27, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Louisville, KY October 27, 2017 Louisville, Kentucky-based software development consulting firm Prosoft Nearshore has undergone a total rebrand to unveil a new name, logo and company website that supports its growth as a leading provider of software development consulting services.

The new brand, Number8, better reflects the company's unique position in the broad spectrum of software development consulting services. Number8 derives its name from the fact that most of its clients use a software development methodology known as "scrum" which has short timelines and relies heavily on collaboration. Scrum takes its name from the "scrum" that occurs in a rugby game after a dead ball, when players huddle together to start play. In a scrum, each player's position is named for the role they play. Names like Hooker, Prop, Lock, and Flanker are descriptive because each player's task is clearly defined, except one. The player at the rear of the scrum has to react to the ball and has many different roles to play based on the outcome of the scrum. Because of this, his position couldn't be named by the task he performs. They just call him by the number on his jersey, Number8.

In a rugby scrum, the Number8 has to be strong, fast, versatile and very smart. Similarly, Number8 consultants are not just experienced developers; they are versatile and communicate at a high level directly with the client and with end users of the software. They're involved in design, development, testing, implementation and planning. "We have a different approach than the traditional off-site staffing model", says Number8 President, David Easterling. "Rather than having an off-site team that performs work to the specifications that are sent, our guys augment our clients' scrum teams pulling from the same queue, helping them increase velocity immediately, with very little communication overhead and no need to change existing processes."

The new Number8 website features detailed information about the company's history, services, engagement model and leadership team. This includes a "Why Number8" video that explains the reason the company chose the Number8 brand name.

Additionally, prospective Number8 software developers can also view and apply for current career opportunities.
Other features of the Number8 website include:

  • An extensive explanation of the methodology behind the Number8 approach to the agile development methodology, and an outline of their engagement model, referred to as "the Number8 way."
  • A detailed FAQ Section that covers frequently asked questions about offshore software development services, along with questions often asked by prospective employers and job seekers.
  • A user-friendly Contact Us Form for all website visitors to use, whether interested in contacting Number8 regarding services, possible employment opportunities, or with general questions.
  • An in-depth blog featuring informative and educational posts focused on topics that include the latest company information, IT and outsourcing news, along with technology tips, trends and advice.

  • If you have questions about Number8, the services they offer, or employment opportunities, call Number8 directly at 502-890-7665 or complete the form located on their Contact Us page.

    Number8 is a rapidly growing software development consulting firm with U.S. headquarters in Louisville, KY, and nearshore locations in Costa Rica, Honduras and Bolivia. With more than 19 years of industry experience in software development, Number8 offers technical expertise to Fortune 500 companies, while also serving start-ups, international corporations, and nonprofits.

    Number8 consists of a talented team of software professionals who use the latest technologies to solve problems, increase velocity and save money. Number8 software developers are fluent in the following development stacks: Microsoft .net, Java/Eclipse, Ruby on Rails, MEAN and Mobile.

    In addition to software developers, the company also has experienced project managers, business analysts, designers and quality assurance engineers to assist in every phase of development. For more information or a free consultation about how Number8 can help your business succeed, 502-890-7665 or visit:

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