Understanding DO-200B: Free Whitepaper, and Training, from AFuzion Inc

November 08, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
AFuzion Inc.'s DO-200B training, gap analysis, and consulting services division was chosen by four of the world's top six new aviation data processing or auditing entities. Increasingly, commercial and military aeronautical processors and regulatory agencies following the DO-200B mandate. Why? Because aviation data and corresponding processing systems are becoming increasingly important while simultaneously becoming more complex. DO-200A was often not fully applied however the newer DO-200B is more rigorous and increasingly mandated for compliance. AFuzion's new free DO-200B Whitepaper (available at Click Here for Free DO-200B Intro Paper Download ) provides the relevant differences between DO-200A and DO-200B while explaining practical DO-200B facts and best practices.

DO-200B provides rules for ensuring aeronautical data integrity, from Origination, through all Data Processing activities, and then to Transmission. Data includes aeronautical data transmitted from the ground via CNS/ATM and data onboard the aircraft, for example Flight Management Systems (FMS's). D0-200B compliant systems literally are deployed throughout the world and beyond: on the ground, in the air, and in space. AFuzion's DO-200B services cover DO-200B training, DO-200B Gap Analysis, and DO-200B consulting. A combination of AFuzion's DO200B services were chosen by, and delivered in 2017, to four of the world's most important new DO-278A deployments of the decade. Interestingly, while DO-200B is often considered a North American standard, it is actually an international guideline and AFuzion's DO-200B customers are based in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Asia, and North America.

Says AFuzion's Technical Manager Jack Jones: "DO-200B expands data beyond simple aircraft navigation data to include virtually all aviation navigation data worldwide, from terrain and obstacle data, to frequency data, to airport/aerodrome details and even DO-200B RNAV, Precision Approaches, flight route planning data. As DO-200B is increasingly important and mandatory, AFuzion maintains its world leadership in DO-200B services by expanding our offerings to one-day DO-200B training, two-day DO-200B trainings, and DO-200B auditing; all are offered onsite and customized for each client's unique needs. DO-178B was updated to DO-178C several years and DO-200B is a natural complement to DO-178'C's updates including DO-330 Tool Qualification application to DO-200B which is rather unique. Also, DO-200B imposes new Data Security mandates so it's a natural corollary to AFuzion's new DO-326 Training (see TBD reference) offerings. Our engineers spent much of the last two years coordinating worldwide to further enhance our DO-200B capabilities and we've done more DO-200A and DO-200B training than all the competitors in the world COMBINED. Some people think they know or can do DO-200A, therefore they're "good" for DO-200B Wrong. DO-200B is a unique realm with many, many differences. Yes, we literally wrote the book (the world's best-selling book) on DO-178C but that didn't make us DO-200B experts: our engineers have worked on hundreds of aviation systems in 30+ countries for 300+ clients and devoted significant resources to developing our proprietary DO-200B services. This is what makes us the experts in understanding and applying DO-200B. Winning four of the world's top six DO-200B contracts of the past two years simply validates our expertise and vision."

AFuzion's engineers developed the world's first DO-178 training in 1988 and the world's first DO-178 gap analysis in 1989 (for Hughes Aircraft where one of AFuzion's founders was a Hughes Fellow). That training and gap analysis content has remained his sole, personal intellectual property since then, as are the dozens of technical papers he wrote after founding TekSci and HighRely. AFuzion's DO-200B training, gap analysis, and consulting carry on this tradition of excellence, with AFuzion's engineers having provided more DO-XXX training and gap analysis activities than all other engineers in the world: combined.

Adds AFuzion's Vance Hilderman "It's impressive that four of the world's top six new DO-200B aeronautical data contracts went to AFuzion. We're very proud of our growing contingent of AFuzion aviation engineers helping clients to maximize product success and quality while minimizing development costs. It's our hallmark and why 100% of our clients are repeat clients or say they will be.

For the new DO-200B technical whitepaper, download free here: "Understanding DO-200B Free Whitepaper Download from AFuzion Inc.

For DO-200B Training Information (one-day or two-day, onsite at your facility, get information here: Click here for more DO-200B Training Information

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