2017 Trends in Fancy Sheds, When a Wooden Storage Shed Becomes Obsolete

November 14, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
For decades, the typical wooden storage shed has dominated backyards across the nation and the beautiful state of North Dakota. But a shed supplier serving ND, IA, NE, and some parts of SD is pushing another type of building that adds more aesthetic beauty, options and colors than the typical wooden storage sheds for sale on every street corner in many communities.

Northland Sheds sources their custom-built sheds in South Dakota and serves a growing number of customers in a growing number of states. Their goal has been to provide superior customer service, a higher quality storage shed, and options that will make the treated wooden sheds available across the state look much less like an option for many homeowners. In essence, they want to build the best sheds in ND.

Imagine getting a better shed with more options that would be eye candy in the backyard. One Northland Shed customer named Todd captures what the small shed company seeks to offer. He said, "the sheds are so attractive and well-constructed, it also increased the value of our home." That is what Northland Sheds aims to offer across the state of North Dakota and beyond. A higher quality building that adds beauty and value to a home.

Northland Sheds offers vinyl sided sheds, lap board sided sheds and even metal sheds that use materials which are warranted for decades. Their team thinks the treated wooden sheds so readily available along many major highways are not comparable to the fancy sheds available on their lots in ND, IA, NE and SD. While they do continue to offer wooden sheds for sale in ND, even they make the sheds built with pressure treated wooden siding look quite plain.

The trend of more aesthetically pleasing sheds is also growing nationally. Other shed builders across the nation are offing similar perks with nicer designs and better-built sheds and garages for their customers. Sheds Unlimited of PA reports that their customers have been using sheds for Pool Houses, small office spaces, home workshops, equine shelters, home art studios and more. When sheds take on those types of usages, their styles change to accommodate their use.

According to the North Dakota Shed website, Northland Sheds is "a family-owned business that is committed to providing a quality product and exceptional service to our customers." They go on to say that their "goal is to glorify God by demonstrating Godly principles and business practices as we serve our community."

For now, you can find them online at https://northlandsheds.com

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