Instantly Find the World's Best Viral and VR-360 Videos with Swish Video, Now Available on The App Store and Google Play

November 15, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Are you fed up with the volume of irrelevant content being posted on social media? The relentless barrage of advertising, the constant Trump overload, the neverending selfies and the plethora of status updates which all distract you from being truly entertained. With more than 1,000 new videos are uploaded to the internet every 15 seconds, finding the greatest videos has become harder than finding a needle in a haystack!

SWISH Video has emerged as the world's most selective video platform. SWISH curates the best videos on internet into a single compelling discovery app, putting a personalised video playlist at your fingertips. The most exciting, funny, breath-taking and captivating videos across the web are grouped into 12 diverse and carefully crafted video categories like Action, Comedy, Animals, Exploration, Sports, Fashion and more.

SWISH is combining machine learning with crowd-curation from top level editors, to consistently provide the most jaw-dropping content to your mobile device.

The revolutionary app is looking to reinvent video discovery in two key ways. First, it's sophisticated curated process ensures the application delivers the highest rated and most emotionally compelling videos on a consistent basis versus any other platform. And second, the generic social media newsfeed has been redesigned into a more personalized video discovery system called "SWISH-Stacks" which looks to craft mini emotion-filled roller-coasters of video, working like an intelligent video playlist.

User Experience and design has been an area of focus for the SWISH team. Eye-catching design, intuitive interfaces and an injection of personality were the key principles. You can seamlessly send your favorite video discoveries to your friends and share your opinion among the Swish community via 'speed-reviews'. A key twist has been the ability to progress and level up through contributing to the community; by the amount of ratings, shares, uploads and reviews you've amassed. The higher level, the more Swish superpowers you'll be given and the more features you will unlock.

"Once you start using SWISH Video, you'll never want to go back to another platform to discover your videos." said Mateen Mohammed, Swish Video co-founder. "Our mission is to create millions of moments of laughter, intrigue, and awe by compiling the most amazing video library ever assembled."

Start exploring the world of mind-blowing videos today! Swish Video is now available for free in the App Store and Google Play. For more information, visit the app website at

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