TRDLNYK Indiegogo Campaign: Nearly 200% funded in two days

November 29, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
NEW YORK, N.Y. November 29, 2017 TRDLNYK, a brand that is "perfecting the turtleneck for guys," which launched on Indiegogo on November 21, 2017, surpassed its $8,500 goal on Indiegogo within 24 hours and nearly doubled its goal in 48 hours, with still 33 days left of the campaign at the time of writing.

Branding under the moniker: not high-fashioned, not high-brow, it's just a high-necked shirt, the company states that they are not here to say that the turtleneck is back, but rather that they really like turtlenecks, so they set out to make a great one. The name TRDLNYK (pronounced Truh-dell-nick) just stands for turtleneck, as they wanted to build around straight forward branding while also poking fun at high-end fashion brands that Americans love to struggle to pronounce.

The brand's founder, Evan Waldenberg, claims that "turtlenecks are an excellent staple for any guy's wardrobe, but they're wrapped in so much stigma. So while we're not here to say the turtleneck is back, we are here to remind guys that they can look really good, and just because you might not see yourself as a famous visionary, athlete, entertainer, or intellectual, that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider a turtleneck."

The shirt itself is designed to first and foremost, be extremely comfortable and look really sharp. They've gone to great lengths to make sure that this didn't fit or wear like a typical boxy sweater. The shirts are made from a ridiculously soft blend of rayon, cotton, modal, and spandex which hugs the body in a way that naturally produces a very modern fit. They've done away with the cuffed waist, which contributes to the boxy-look, in favor of a drop-cut which helps maintain a sleek, modern-fit for those with more athletic body-types as well as other builds.

They knew that if they wanted to make something that could get people out of their shell and into their first turtleneck they'd need something extremely versatile in both climate and look. Therefore, it's extremely breathable so it can serve not just as a warm piece in winter, but as a layering piece in fall and spring as well. And in terms of look, they designed the collar so that it can be styled in a few ways: straight up, mocked-in, or mocked-out to expose a contrast color in the collar. These style options make the shirt capable of being dressed up or down quite nicely; what the brand calls "dress-code chameleon" or the ability to fit in in both casual and formal settings.

The shirts are available to pre-order exclusively on Indiegogo until January 1, 2018 and are on track to ship in February 2018. Campaign Page:

For any inquiries reach out to Ev@HaveA.Co

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