Atlanta, GA Author Publishes Book on Media and Politics

November 30, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Project Third Eye Opened: Social Media and Politics, a new book by Tony El, has been recently published.

America is the greatest experiment of all times. To discover whether man truly wants to be self-governed or prefers to be governed by another man. Do we want to be to be guided by inalienable rights giving to each of us from our Creator or Man? Upon exiting the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention, after signing the Constitution, Benjamin Franklin responded when asked, "What have we got-a Republic or a Monarchy?" By saying, "We have a Republic, if we can keep it." The writings by the Founders clearly illustrate that they understood that the answer to the question of whether this nation's citizen were to remain free and self-governed rested solely upon a well-informed populace, particularly one that was well-informed on the actions of the elected government creatures. Two of the tools that they sought for the people to use to be well-informed was a strong and free press and the other for the people to be able to disseminate information amongst ourselves. They placed them first in the Amendments in the Bill of Rights.

Today there is evidence that the American people are more detached from true political awareness than ever before and more disengaged from the actions of those political creatures entrusted to protect our rights and freedoms that are reaffirmed in the Constitution largely due to information that we receive through the varied sources of media.

Project Third Eye Opened: Social Media and Politics hopes to illuminate the cause and effect of the evolution of media and politics on the American society, how it has attributed to our failing experiment, and hopefully, at the very least ignite critical honest discussion towards resolution.

About the Author
Tony El, born in the deep south in 1965, is a lover of history and has never lost his curiosity of nor his fear of asking Why. He's article "What Happened To America's Independence?" was published in the July 2010 Christian Voice Magazine and is the creator of the Project Third-Eye Opened online commentary news blog.

He loves being an American and believes that it suffers truly from its people's lack of knowledge of what truly makes America exceptional - it's fundamental god-endowed principles recognized in the founding documents- and that there is a silent war to remove these principles from existence. He is a staunch believer that once one truly understands the true "why" of an event then there is only the question of how one is to best respond. Visit the author's website at

Project Third Eye Opened: Social Media and Politics is a 61-page paperback with a retail price of $9.99. It is also available as an eBook. The ISBN is 978-1549541179. It is available to buy on at

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