today launches its website

December 30, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News is proud to announce the launching of its website, The organization kicks off the launching of its website with "girlsday proclamation" one million signature petition drive.

The purpose of the drive is to urge the United States congress and the United Nations Assembly to proclaim September 19, 2019 "Girls Day"; a day of appreciation of girls for the valuable part they play in the world. is a platform that is dedicated to the celebration, recognition, and well being of girls.

Because we believe that by celebrating, recognizing, appreciating, and showing genuine concern for their well being, we would be empowering them to grow up and be the best they can be and perform to the best of their abilities. We further recognize that every girl is born with undue social responsibilities and disparate expectations of proper behavior.

Among which is total responsibility for the prevention of unwanted pregnancy. We realize that the pressure arising from such burden can interfere with her mental and emotional development. And thereby undermine her awareness of the important value and role she plays in the world. We already celebrate mother's day to honor mother's attainment of the natural sacred status of motherhood. We also realize that there are countless number of women who for no fault of theirs (biological, physical, and medical) cannot attain the status of motherhood. Therefore, they find that day a sad reminder of their plight.

All women are "Gate Keepers of Life," hence, we state unequivocally that mothers' day is not inclusive enough in that it excludes women who cannot bear children. Girlhood is that period in every female's life when celebrating the "Gate Keeper of Life" means celebrating every female's life.

Therefore, with the celebration of mothers' day and girls' day, we can finally install femininity in its rightful throne and honor those tasked with ushering life into the world. provides a blog section, "Kitchen-Table-Talk." Here, boys and girls can engage in mutual discussions on topics that they care about with the goal of bridging the understanding gap that exists between them. We firmly believe that by encouraging mutual understanding between boys and girls, we would be setting them up for better chance of forming healthy, happy, and lasting relationships in their adult lives.