Leave Behind An Electronic Last Will And Testament With After Available Now On The App Store

December 29, 2017 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The majority of people don't take the time to create a last Will and Testament, leaving their survivors to guess about their wishes, creating confusion and additional sadness and even fighting while trying to second-guess the deceased's preferences. After is now the #1 Last Will and Testament app on the market which prevents the hassle of having relatives make the difficult choices for their arrangement by sharing their last wishes automatically with them at the appropriate time. The revolutionary new app is designed to make the transferring of last wishes, shared memories, feelings, insights, and even regrets shared seamlessly with loved ones before they pass away.

One of the problems with traditional Will's is that they are static documents, expensive to change and have considerable "lag time." The innovative app, After, makes it a living solution, where users can add special messages to their friends, as well as financial details for finding documents, bank and pension fund accounts, how they'd like their property distributed or particular funeral plans. The beautifully designed app allows users to send personal messages to others through text, photo's, and (soon) even videos.

To help organize the user's possessions and wishes, the app divides each aspect of life into four different "chapters" including Personal Messages, Legacy, Funeral Wishes, and Things To Be Arranged. The user designates trustees in advance, and when he or she dies, a workflow is triggered, sending an email to the trustees with a button. When two of the trustees press the button, the entire document gets distributed to everyone designated by the deceased.

"After is all about helping to make life easier for the loved ones left behind," says developer Bart van Muijen. "It's both a will and a digital time capsule of insights, feelings, and memories, where users can leave special messages in the moment which get replayed to their trustees years later."

After is now available for Free on the Apple App Store. Please visit www.afterapp.io for more information on After including the FAQ and screenshots of the app. Disclaimer After is not a legally binding document and any formal wills or trusts prevail the app.

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