Gmelius releases Kanban Boards Update

January 24, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Geneva, Switzerland: Gmelius, a leading communication solution for Gmail/G Suite, today announced the update of its agile task management solution, which on top of workflow visualization with Kanban boards, now offers real-time collaboration capabilities. The update enables teams to collaborate on task-cards right inside their inbox and turn any email conversation into actionable work.

"On our way to becoming a complete communication solution, we realized professionals were still struggling to track email related tasks and manage team projects from their inbox." said CEO & Founder Florian Bersier. "That's why we created our Kanban Boards to help users deal with their workflow and email specific to-dos. The latest update allows our business subscribers to collaborate on each other's emails and tasks without endless conversation threads and with no risk of reply-all incidents."

The new update offers:

  • Shared Boards: Users can now share with team members the rights to add and edit tasks on their Kanban Boards and monitor any task changes in real-time.
  • Real-Time Team Collaboration: Team members can now collaborate by annotating emails - turned into task cards, or commenting on existing cards.
  • Kanban Board Templates: From sales to marketing and support, users have now access to fully customizable pre-configured board templates that cater to the various operations' needs and processes.

  • Collaborative features are available under Gmelius' Business Tier. Teams can upgrade to the Business Tier right from their dashboard or sign up for the service using their G Suite account at

    About Gmelius: Gmelius offers a unique plug-and-play software solution that transforms email into an advanced communication platform. Since 2016, Gmelius has helped over 200K professionals and businesses increase their productivity, protect their privacy and collaborate efficiently right inside their inbox.

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