Creative World of Travis Pike Featured on Front Cover of Goldmine Magazine's Website

January 26, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
Goldmine Magazine's website has posted an interview that opens with author, journalist, and pop-culture historian Harvey Kubernik asking Hollywood multi-hyphenate Travis Edward Pike about a question from a youtube visitor who asked if Travis is the European Rock Star who used to live in a haunted house near the lake, in Newton Centre.

"To be fair," Pike replied," my father's house on Lake Avenue in Newton Centre, Massachusetts was reputed to be haunted. As for me being a European rock star, that's not really as far-fetched as it sounds. Although I'm an American, born in Boston, my first shot at rock "stardom" came while I was stationed in Germany, where I was billed as Teddy Pike, Twist and Show Sensation. So, being discovered in Europe, if I was a rock star, I was, geographically, a European rock star, long before I ever approached anything like that status stateside."

That's typical of the easy rapport Kubernik and Pike enjoy, as they discuss the State Records (UK) 45 rpm vinyl release of "Watch Out Woman," one of Pike's songs from his father's 1966 theatrical release of FEELIN' GOOD, a movie made and premiered in Boston, that may bring to fruition, Travis' 50-year-plan to become an overnight sensation.

They touch on the Alma Records 1968, 45 rpm single by Travis Pike's Tea Party of "If I Didn't Love You Girl" scheduled for a UK reissue this year, then go into some detail about the environmental issues, arcane sources and spells explored in Pike's 2017 publication of his screenplay, CHANGELING'S RETURN and his MYSTICAL ENCOUNTER CD of songs he composed for that, as yet unrealized, musical film production.

The interview concludes by introducing Pike's GRUMPUSS 20TH ANNIVERSARY PLATINUM EDITION DVD of his live, bardic performance of his award-winning, critically-acclaimed, original epic narrative rhyme in a world premiere charity gala for the UK Save the Children Fund at Blenheim Palace, birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, and home to the Dukes of Marlborough.

Goldmine Magazine's website also provides a link to Goldmine publisher Pat Prince's November 2017 live audio interview with Pike all together providing an excellent introduction to the works of Travis Edward Pike, the creative force behind Otherworld Cottage Industries.

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