Young 17 year old Student creates the next website advertising sensation

February 07, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Burton on Trent, UK. February 7th 2006 - 2 weeks ago 17 year old Billy Cotton was a poor student spending all of his money on travel, education and food expenses, now he has sparked the newest, original and fresh idea since the MillionDollarHomepage.

Thankfully it is not pixels, like the thousands of sites that have instantly appeared around the internet. It is however a “site-randomiser” - all the websites in the database have paid at least $1, once the link is clicked the computer randomly picks a site to go to - simple. Want to get a head of your competitors? Pay more! For example if you put a small $2 investment you double your chances, $10 will increase it ten-fold and so on and so forth.

The site has already seen webmasters going mad over the idea, just clicking on the testimonial page on the site allows you to see some comments made from a few –

"An amazing idea that performs extremely well for the price. I have gained lots of new visitors and plan to submit more sites to SiteSpin. Thank you!"
Scott Kihlberg (

"Who knew there were so many quality sites out there I've never even heard about. gives you the opportunity to see a wide variety of sites with just the click of a button. Plus now I always have something to do when I'm bored… I love it!"
Dan Schoonmaker (

"The simplicity and originality of Site Spin work to the website's advantage - my website is already feeling the benefits of this innovative, cost-effective and novel approach to web-marketing."
Niall Gilding (

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