AMP-ready Magento Themes Launched in the TemplateMonster Digital Marketplace

February 01, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
We will hardly surprise anyone saying that the demand on handheld devices grows at the tremendous speed. There is hardly a person on earth who doesn't have a smartphone. For most of us, mobile phones are more than just the means to make phone calls and send messages. These have become the indispensable parts of our life. We chat with friends, read news, do shopping, and a whole lot of other things from the screens of our smartphones. So, every brand should make certain that their web pages run on the screens of all sizes equally well. The modern-day web users are always in a hurry. A 3-second page loading wait is hardly something that you can afford. In order to win the users' preference and boost your earning, it's important to enhance your site's performance with the help of the accelerated mobile pages.

What is AMP? - AMP (or accelerated mobile pages) is a special module that makes your site's content load faster on the screens of mobile devices. By reaching a website that takes 3 seconds or longer to load on the handheld devices, people are more likely to leave it straight away rather than wait until all pieces of content appear on the page. In order for this not to happen, this about the proper optimization of your site for smartphones. If you own a Magento-based eCommerce site, then the AMP module is your go-for solution.

With the AMP installed on your site, you can make the content appear on the mobile screens in less than 2 seconds. AMP is an open-source technology. All AMP documents contain AMP JS JavaScript Library that delivers the optimal performance by adding a few roles in your markup.

AMP takes control of the entire load chain. It gives priority to specific elements over others, loading the main content on the web page first, with the third-party content being loaded afterward.

Source: Google Inside AdWords Key Magento AMP Benefits

In the TemplateMonster digital marketplace, Zemez presented the AMP module that is compatible with the latest version of Magento 2.2 framework. This is a usable technology, with the help of which you can:

  • accelerate page loading speeds;</li>
  • enhance Category and Product pages with the unique UI and UX;</li>
  • oad images, texts, and widgets straight away;</li>
  • let the users access the necessary pieces of content from the Google Results page.

  • Other reasons to use the technology on your site include:

  • compatibility with all smartphone and tablet devices;</li>
  • less than 2-second page loading speed;</li>
  • higher site ranking in the search engines results;</li>
  • using AMP on your site, you will see up to 10% traffic growth and 52% sales boost.

  • AMP-Ready Magento Themes

    The collection of Magento themes in the TemplateMonster marketplace already contains several AMP-ready themes. Just take a look.

    Magetique - The Most Comprehensive Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

    This multipurpose Magento 2 template contains a collection of 5 premium layouts, which are intended to be used for different micro-niches. It contains everything needed to build a conversion-optimized eCommerce site. The theme also features a usable marketing toolbox, which will help you make your web resource more noticeable online.

    Details | Demo

    Fashion Slash - AMP Fashion Boutique Magento Theme

    The clean and minimalist design of the theme is best suited to be used for fashion and accessories web stores. In addition to the AMP module, the theme contains a rich selection of custom extensions worth $1,000+. All of them are included in the download package for free. The theme's layout is usable and intuitive to navigate.

    Details | Demo

    Mobillaso - Mobile Store Responsive Magento Theme

    Mobillaso is a user-friendly theme suited for selling electronics and gadgets on the web. Ajax-based search and smart product filters allow the web users to come across the necessary products worry-free. The theme is intended to help you establish a better connection with the online audience with the help of the built-in working forms.

    Details | Demo - Tools & Equipment Magento Theme

    The theme is developed for tools and equipment stores. It is quick and easy to navigate the well-structured and spacious layout. The theme features a usable and fully editable MegaMenu and Ajax-based functionality that will enhance the users' online shopping experience.

    Details | Demo

    Jewelrix - Jewelry Store Magento 2 Theme

    Use this theme to build elegant and stylish jewelry and accessories stores. It contains unique catalogue and product pages that are intended to present the store's products in the appealing style. The archive includes a number of the pre-designed pages, layout options, working forms, and other elements that will help you build a profitable eCommerce project.

    Details | Demo

    F2 - Fashion Boutique Magento 2 Theme

    Here is one more AMP-ready Magento 2 theme. With its help, you can build fashion boutique web stores straight out-of-the-box. It is enhanced with a powerful marketing toolbox, which provides for the effective promotion of the new collections on the web.

    Details | Demo

    "Accelerated Mobile Pages can have a measurable impact in a number of ways. The true benefits of the technology are still yet to be realized, but when Google rolls out its mobile-first index (probably sometime in 2018), this could become exponentially more important. One DoubleClick study saw a 90 percent increase in engagement with their AMP content. So it certainly improves UX. Consider this: more than half of searches are already conducted on mobile devices. AMP documents typically load 2x as fast as normal web pages on mobile devices. Moral of the story being that people like things to load quickly. No one likes waiting, especially not in the 21st century. We don't recommend that every website owner adopt AMP just yet. But we do anticipate that it will likely become a more general necessity in the months and years to come." - David Braun, CEO at TemplateMonster.

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