Yardstick Software Inc. acquires Banister Research

February 01, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Edmonton, Alberta, February 1, 2018 - On February 1, 2018, Yardstick Software Inc. acquired the research business of Banister Research and Consulting Inc., uniting two great Canadian brands under one big idea: that attention to the quality of data, defensibility of outcomes, and technological innovation can change whole industries. It's an Alberta business courtship that has been a long time in the making, and it will have huge impact for all clients, staff and subsidiaries.

The courtship - Yardstick was attracted to Banister Research and Consulting Inc. by their reputation and business success. For Chris LaBossiere, Co-founder & CEO of Yardstick Software Inc., "… it was their patented blend of personality, customer service, responsiveness, and their commitment to best practices in quality assurance that has earned them a long-standing position of respect and influence in Alberta." Yardstick saw the potential Banister offered as a business partner, and made several offers to buy the firm over the years, but Linda Banister and Banister Research and Consulting Inc., as a company, were never quite ready.

The proposal - Despite receiving inquiries from several other potential buyers, she settled on Yardstick as the perfect new home for her business for one simple reason. Every interaction has reinforced for her that the two companies share a common vision and worldview. It became clear to her that they were the right partner and that now was the right time.

She says, "… this transaction represents the best long-term interests of our company, clients and employees. It's time to infuse the company with new ideas and approaches through this acquisition." Now, Banister is ready for her next adventure and the company Banister Research and Consulting Inc. is poised to grow, soar and expand - the Yardstick way.

The match - Today, Yardstick finalizes this courtship by welcoming a new company Banister Research Limited into their growing family of companies. By joining Yardstick, Banister Research Limited will now have ample opportunities for growth, capital and other resources, with Yardstick's support, grow into new markets across Canada and beyond.

This is a smart acquisition for Yardstick, and a good deal for both companies. LaBossiere is excited to work with the Banister Research Limited team, commenting that "… we are receiving incredible talent, a stellar reputation of over 20 years in research excellence, and a strong local network."

Yardstick's national presence will offer Banister clients and staff the opportunity to expand into new markets, and draw on their sizeable in-house expertise in psychometrics, instructional design, graphic design, business development, multi-modal data analysis, and software development to open up more opportunities to secure high-profile work and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

Both LaBossiere and Banister agree there is a natural alignment between Yardstick's psychometrics services at Yardstick Assessment Strategies and Banister's research consulting. Both companies are committed to applying rigorous and defensible data and analysis to help clients make the best decisions, about a new product, brand, or community initiative, or a candidate's readiness to enter the job market.

As Yardstick's newest subsidiary, Banister will retain their name and brand, moving into Yardstick's downtown Edmonton office on 104th street. Tracy With will lead the Banister team as COO and executive vice-president, while Linda Banister will partner with Yardstick executives on building the strategic market research business and government engagement initiatives.

About Yardstick
As one of Canada's leaders in online learning and high-stakes assessment, Yardstick draws on the latest developments 
in computer and web technology to deliver rigorous and creative online testing and training. Yardstick experts partner with subject matter experts, employers, and industry regulators to train, certify and verify today's workforce. Yardstick has won numerous awards for business growth and entrepreneurship, and was recently named one of Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures.

About Banister Research
Banister is an Alberta-based research and evaluation firm with over 20 years experience delivering defensible market analysis, evaluation and public engagement services. They ask insightful and meaningful questions of target consumer groups, program end-users, and the public to help their clients gather the best information possible and make evidence-informed strategic decisions.

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact:
Marjorie Henderson, Communications Coordinator, Yardstick
587.926.8001, or marjorie.henderson@getyardstick.com]marjorie.henderson@getyardstick.com[/url].

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