Trinity Street Capital Partners Announces an Early Rate Program for Commercial Mortgages

February 16, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
New York, New York February 16, 2018 - Trinity Street Capital Partners, a full service real estate investment bank, launches an Early Rate Lock Program for its commercial mortgage platform, as mortgage rates are now on the rise. What is causing the bond market to swerve off the highway is the same thing that's sending the stock market speeding down the road: good economic news. The bond market is only happy when there is bad economic news. A rapidly rising economy often means inflation is heading our way, followed by rate hikes from the Federal Reserve. Another force behind rising rates: increased supply of Treasury securities. The Fed is winding down its quantitative easing program, meaning it will be selling Treasuries in the open market. All other things equal, the Fed's actions will push interest rates up. Similarly, the additional $1.5 trillion added to the federal debt by the recent tax cuts will prompt the government to sell more debt, further depressing prices and rising yields. The 10 year US treasury rate has rose by approximately 23%, in 2018, as depicted by the graph above.

Trinity Street Capital Partners, Early Rate Program, allows real estate owners and investors to lock in today's low fixed interest rates and mitigate the potential pain of a very uncertain future for commercial mortgage rates. The program allows for forward rate locks on high quality assets, in primary and secondary markets around the United States, for up to 12 months.

Trinity Street Capital Partners focuses on non-recourse senior & mezzanine debt and preferred equity, with investments starting at $5MM on income producing retail, office, industrial, multifamily, manufactured housing communities, self-storage and hospitality properties located throughout the continental United States. (

The Firm is a leader in providing permanent mortgages and equity for wide range of real estate transactions.

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