Yardstick's technology and partnership with St. John Ambulance – Alberta Council could save your life

February 15, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
February 15, 2018 - Each day thousands of Canadians go to work, schools, daycares, public parks. Yet, when disaster strikes many Canadians might not have skills to perform lifesaving CPR or first aid.

There needs to be a better, more accessible solution to close this knowledge gap. In fact, Yardstick's partnership with St. John Ambulance Alberta Council (SJA) addresses this gap, with today's launch of SJA's premier online first aid and CPR courses, says Yardstick's Jon Hill, executive vice-president of eLearning, whose team helped develop the online versions of these courses.

For Greg Kureluk, chief revenue officer of Yardstick, this collaboration highlights how the best practices in developing and delivering innovative online training can bring down barriers to learning first aid, and help learners build the skills and confidence they need to save lives.

Beverly Lafortune, vice president of training & community services of St. John Ambulance Alberta Council, could not agree more "[t]oday, marks a seismic shift in the way SJA will deliver first aid training and this technology increases the opportunity for anyone to learn how to save a life."

Back in mid-2017, St. John Ambulance Alberta Council (SJA) partnered with Yardstick to develop a new online training program that will provide more accessible, awareness-level versions of their most popular first aid and CPR courses. It all started with a search to find the right online training company to support our content and help save lives, says Lafortune. That answer for SJA was Yardstick who could not only design the courses, but also distribute them with RapidLMS and LearnerVerfied, their easy-to-use and defensible learning management system featuring built-in portable credential and attendance management systems.

The online awareness training courses, listed below, are available at ab.stjohntraining.ca and provide a high-quality alternative learning pathway for Canadians that either eliminates or reduces the amount of in-class time.

  • CPR Level A + AED
  • CPR Level C + AED
  • Emergency First Aid CPR A + AED
  • Enhanced Standard First AID CPR C + AED
  • Standard First Aid CPR A + AED
  • Standard First Aid CPR C + AED

  • Next steps, SJA will be submitting an application to OHS to incorporate this program into a blended learning certification model that greatly reduces the number of in-class time needed to earn your workplace certificate. When the certification-level courses launch, SJA will take advantage of LearnerVerified, Yardstick's new learner verification software. The tools LearnerVerified provides, including identity tracking, attendance monitoring, and remote proctoring, will help companies and organizations ensure that when they assign training to staff and volunteers, they are completing the course without assistance, and that they are ready to use their first aid training if needed.

    The new training site also includes the ability to buy and ship first aid products using Yardstick's RapidLMS storefront and product catalogue. Hill says Yardstick is exceptionally proud of this partnership and hopes that the technology will truly enable more people to save more lives.

    About Yardstick
    As one of Canada's leaders in online learning, Yardstick draws on the latest developments in computer and web technology to deliver rigorous and creative online testing and training. Yardstick experts partner with subject matter experts, employers, and industry regulators to train, certify and verify today's workforce.

    About St. John Ambulance
    Since 1883, St. John Ambulance has provided Canadians with the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art First Aid and CPR training. With programs for business, individuals and communities, St. John Ambulance courses provide life-saving skills and support to communities across Canada.

    For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact:
    Marjorie Henderson, Communications Coordinator, Yardstick
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    Beverly Lafortune, Vice President of Training & Community Services, St. John Ambulance Alberta Council
    780.452.6565, ext. 8223 beverly.lafortune@stjohn.ab.ca

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