Individual high quality online tutoring is now available at a very affordable price.

February 09, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
What does £49.99 pounds buy you? Broadband subscription, a pair of jeans, a video game? How about unlimited tutoring in all subjects for your child?
TutorVista, a global education company utilizing Indian tutors to deliver services in the US and the UK, proudly announces a £49.99 per month Unlimited Tutoring Package – an industry first! Students can get as many live online tutoring sessions as they need in all subjects! Alternatively, they can always buy only the hours the need at £9.99an hour.
Online tutoring provides students an effective, convenient, flexible, and affordable way to improve their academic success. Whether a student needs homework help, wants to take a skill assessment test for a complete academic review or needs to do exam preparation for GCSE, A-levels, SATS and other exams, provides access to world class tutors around the clock, 24hrs 7days a week, at an extremely affordable price.

TutorVista is a leading online tutoring company providing high-quality online tuition for KS 1-4 and university students and exam preparation for SATS, GCSE, A-level and other exams. Each student is pared with one of TutorVista’s friendly, highly educated and certified tutors. Each tutor strives for their students to be successful with their education by working with the student to create an individual academic program based on the textbooks and materials that the student uses in school. TutorVista has answers to model question papers for GCSE and A-levels and specific programs aimed at getting a high grade on these exams.

“The clarity of package makes it feel as though the tutor is sitting in front of you”, said Martin Baker, UK Country Manager. “The service can be used to help children catch up in subjects, cover areas they may have missed due to illness, or keep talented and gifted children learning at a pace that suites them. We also tailor packages to specific exams, such as SAT's Common Entrance, GCSE’s etc. We guarantee that the child will improve by a full grade if they complete the tutoring course.”

To use the service, all you need is a pair of headphones and a microphone connected to your PC. TutorVista is offering one hour of free tutoring so that people can experience the service themselves.

So next time you see at a computer child at a computer, it may not be their high score on a video game that their improving, it may be their grades!
About TutorVista

TutorVista is the leading supplier of online tutoring services in US and UK based on a global delivery model utilising India teaching resources. In addition to traditional tutoring and homework help services, TutorVista offers specific exam preparation programs for the GCSE, AS, A2, SATS and other exams. For additional information about TutorVista, please visit


Martin Baker
UK Country Manager
Phone number:
0208 748 8004