Studio City, CA Author Publishes College Football Book

February 27, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Entertainment News
College Football Fanatics, a new book by Ernie Charles, has been released by CreateSpace.

In this book, author Ernie Charles talks about the passion, the traditions, the people that make college football what it is - one of the greatest sports in the country.

Whatever is going on around us, whether it is a crashing economy, the threat of terrorism, a worry about the future, the national debt, it is all going to be alright as long as we still have college football to look forward to. If something or someone ever interferes with that, then you will see the people become fighting mad.

This book celebrates the diehards, the people that paint their faces, wear their team colors year round, and tailgate for hours before the game.

This is a book for the fans…by a fan!

About the Author:
Ernie Charles is a professional writer and actor in Los Angeles who happens to love college football. He grew up in a family of five in rural Ohio, where he was crowned as the Mercer County Fair King. He attended Heidelberg University in Tiffin, Ohio and received a Computer Science Degree. He loved playing football and baseball, but also found a love for acting during college. Upon graduation he moved to New York City where he trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and at Carnegie Hall. He performed in numerous theatre shows. While pursuing his love for acting, he did some modeling. On display at the New York Mercantile Exchange Museum there is still a life size replica of him as a pipeline worker. Ernie currently resides in Los Angeles where he continues to write and perform speaking roles for commercials, film, and television.

College Football Fanatics is a 108-page paperback with a retail price of $9.99. It is also available as an eBook. The ISBN is 978-1537668529. It was published by CreateSpace. It is available to buy from Amazon at

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