Surwon Technology – Fold-able Smartphone a Distinct Probability

March 02, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Hong Kong-based advanced materials pioneer, Surwon Technology says it has "no doubt" that a smartphone which can be folded or rolled into a smaller size will be widely available within 5 years.

Based on a thin film of graphene upon which the crucial microprocessors and other circuitry smartphones rely on can be printed, the company believes the innovation will spearhead the ongoing development of the device that has most changed the way most people live their lives today.

"It's becoming clear that we're at the limits of what can actually be achieved with the technology currently in use," explained Surwon Technology's Chief Technology Officer.

"There's a pattern emerging whereby consumers are less willing to upgrade to the latest phones because the improvements being made by manufacturers are so small and incremental that they don't justify the additional outlay. Consumers are loathe to buy the latest iteration of their favorite device for an extra megapixel or a slightly brighter screen so we believe form, rather than function will lead the evolution of smartphone and tablets," he added.

The company says it has begun supplying specially fabricated, high-conductivity graphene sheeting to an unnamed device manufacturer with a view to evaluating initial estimates for delivery of a fully-operational, commercially-viable, folding smartphone.

Though the company would not be drawn on specifics, it said that the innovation could herald the return of the once-ubiquitous flip-phone which gave way to the candy bar designed typified by Apple and Samsung devices like the iPhone and Galaxy models as consumers demanded more screen real estate on their devices.

The lightness, flexibility and ability to withstand pressure or impacts will make the devices popular "very quickly" concluded Surwon Technology's CTO.

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