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March 16, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Prepare for a Pokémon experience in Path of Exile's Bestiary League update. Hunt and capture creatures for your menagerie, where you can sacrifice them to get PoE items. Okay, that last part isn't part of the Pokémon experience, but PoE is a game that doesn't shy away from the uglier parts of life. It's like another spin on the whole catching and collecting experience.

An Explanation of Sacrifice and Item Crafting - It's commonly called sacrifice, but, the Blood Altar in your menagerie is an arena where you can fight up to four of your captured creatures. Each creature has a unique modifier to be applied to the resulting crafted item, provided you can defeat them. If the beasts prove too powerful, you get nothing out of it.

250 regular monsters and 40 new legendary beasts are available for capture, and as said above, each has unique modifications that can be applied to the items received from the altar. These creatures essentially have become ingredients in the crafting recipe. Some of the alterations can even function as a Vaal Orb without the drawbacks. Isn't that great?

The items gained by capturing and battling four new spirit animal bosses are parts of a gear set, a first in PoE. However, in a classic PoE twist, one gear will give a particular skill, while the other equipment in the set modifies that ability in various ways. That makes completing the set optional, freeing additional slots for the gear you prefer.

The Bestiary League's Release! - The update was applied on March 2. Other than the features mentioned above, the most challenging boss fight was added as well (fight both The Shaper and The Elder at the same time). Also, the Prophecy system, which lets players obtain new Fated Unique items, was added and the Ascendancy system has been overhauled.

Enjoy hunting, capturing, and crafting items!

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