Surwon Technology – Time For Graphene to Deliver

March 19, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Hong Kong-based Surwon Technology says it believes that potential for graphene to replace silicone as the key component in electronics depends to a great extent on the scale of funding investors are prepared to commit to researching its application.

The advanced materials innovator believes that, although the world has been aware of graphene's existence for more than a decade, it has yet to make a conspicuous appearance in a high-profile consumer product.

"Graphene has the potential to dramatically extend the scope of the electronics industry by virtue of its conductivity alone," explained Surwon Technology's Chief Technology Officer. "Factor in its incredibly thin form and low cost of production and the possibilities are endless."

Surwon Technology says that research into graphene's applications needs a large uptick in investment that focuses less on minimal upgrades to ancillary componentry and more in terms of key components like processors and materials though it concedes that most of the new innovations are closely-guarded secrets at the major technology companies.

"We're very familiar with how much secrecy is involved when it comes to graphene innovation because we're partnering with several global manufacturers on a number of cutting edge projects but we remain convinced that, if graphene is going to become as ubiquitous and well-known as silicone, a 'game-changer' product that utilizes graphene in a most visible and profound manner is needed to attract the kind of investment required," he added.

Surwon Technology continues to spearhead research into and development of several graphene applications including high-flow, high efficiency water filtration treatments, flexible smartphones, next generation energy storage and advanced processors.

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