Is 16,000 a Magic Number? AFuzion sets new DO-178C Training & DO-254 Training Record

March 22, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
AFuzion recently provided its in-person aviation certification training to its 16,000th aviation engineer. 16,000 is a magic number, indeed. But setting records is nothing new: AFuzion has added four more training courses to its catalog enabling those satisfied students and many more to rely on AFuzion far into their futures. AFuzion has now trained 3X more students than all other competitors combined and with these new additional courses that will soon be 5X. AFuzion has 26 public training, and 45 private training, classes scheduled for the next year including six alone in USA, Spain, Italy, and Germany the next 10 weeks. The USA and Germany class info/registration is here:

  • Los Angeles: DO-178C Training, May 3-4, 2018: Los Angeles DO-178C Training Click Here
  • Los Angeles DO-254 Training, May 1-2, 2018: Los Angeles DO-254 Training Click Here
  • Munich: DO-178C Training, June 19, 2018. (Combined with AEE, Europe's largest Avionics Conference): Munich DO-178C Training Click Here
  • Munich: DO-254 Training, June 20, 2018. (Combined with AEE, Europe's largest Avionics Conference): Munich DO-254 Training Click Here

  • Says Chris Jackson, AFuzion co-founder and business jet owner/pilot: "It's reassuring to know that most of the avionics companies we rely when we fly in or pilot today's plane relied on training from AFuzion's engineers. AFuzion's DO-178C training and DO-254 training are now reaching over 500 students per month. Our public training classes were held in 17 cities in the past year and all were sell outs. And AFuzion's newly updated DO-278A training for CNS/ATM and ground systems is proving very popular with a majority of the world's providers now solely relying on AFuzion's training, mentoring, DO-278A gap analysis, and DO-278A process improvements. Our DO-200A training, and DO-331 Model Based Development training and DO-332 OOT training are likewise increasingly popular. When I fly our company jet, it's gratifying knowing AFuzion's expertise is behind many of the systems I'm assured my landings will be as safely numerous as my takeoffs."

    Adds Vance Hilderman, AFuzion's co-founder and CTO: " When I developed the world's first DO-178 training in 1989, I honestly didn't know how popular it would become. It's fascinating how many repeat students we have: over 300 students have attended multiple classes. Consistently their evaluations tell us ours is the best technical training they've ever had. The majority of the 50+ companies who hire our private training each year are repeat clients and we continue to gain clients who previously tried our competitors but found them to be merely providing weak copies of our decades-old training. We founded three of the world's largest aviation development companies and we're all true engineers most days each week hands on development is in our DNA. Aviation is fast-paced and continually changing it's no wonder all of the world's leading conferences and the largest safety standards producers (like SAE) rely solely upon our DO-178C and DO-254 Training.

    Says Jack Jones, former test pilot and now AFuzion project manager worldwide "The governments of Korea, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, and many other countries rely on AFuzion's training. I personally provided ARP4754A training to 1,000 persons and 15 ARP4754A Gap Analysis in the past year and now we're adding Advanced ARP4754A and ARP4761 training. Our colleague Nazan participates actively on the forthcoming ARP4761A committee and develops the ARP4761A training she's an amazing safety expert and engaging speaker increasingly hard to schedule as she's busier than ever."

    AFuzion has added new advanced aviation safety and certification trainings summarized at

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