Favorite Shirt Outfits Snack Leader, John Wm Macy's, With Integrated Brand Campaign

March 27, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
THESE ARE THE ONES. It's the taste you recall from that great party, restaurant, or wedding. It's John Wm Macy's snacks that had the perfect crunch and tasted so great, and now the cutting-edge ad agency with the preferential name, Favorite Shirt, is reminding everyone that These Are The Ones.

Favorite Shirt won the business as the Agency of Record for the wholesome, family-owned company with a light-hearted, reminiscent tagline and creative development that can be implemented in multiple media platforms, including video, print, digital and social media.

James Deckinger, Founder and Creative Director of Favorite Shirt, said, "The taste of John Wm Macy's gourmet snacks, especially the CheeseCrisps, is unmistakable, but over time, there was a need to remind consumers of the brand name. It's a classic situation of a family business that has never wanted to boast, and still doesn't. The fact remains that there is nothing anywhere like John Wm. Macy's. We needed to communicate that point and stimulate the name everyone had on the tip of their tongue. When we got to that place - These Are The Ones (that you remember) sort of defined itself."

"We were becoming known as 'the company that makes those snacks.' When we posed our need to Favorite Shirt, they took our message that there are a lot of snacks out there, but none that are like ours. They crafted a campaign that makes a clear distinction between our snacks and any others on the shelf," Tim Macy, Vice President and co-owner of John Wm Macy's, explained.

"Since we started working with Favorite Shirt, we're witnessing the brand revival that we've been seeking for a long time," Macy continued. "They've provided us with a campaign that shows consumers the ways our delicious, easy to enjoy snacks fit into daily activities as well as special events."

Favorite Shirt's These Are The Ones campaign includes ten original TV-ready feature commercials as well as digital video versions from award-winning commercial director, Jeff McCarthy. The campaign includes a rollout of a dozen different print ads and a media buy that is complimented by a robust social media integration of some of the same pictures and original images that reinforce the tagline.

Elizabeth Schwartz, VP of Sales and Marketing for John Wm Macy's, said, "By recognizing that our snacks were curiously familiar to so many people, Favorite Shirt was able to articulate that sentiment in THESE ARE THE ONES. From the moment that they first suggested it, we knew it was right."

About John Wm Macy's: John Wm Macy's is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of premium baked cheese snacks made with simple, natural ingredients. John Macy developed his original CheeseSticks recipe for his small Northern California catering business in the mid-1970s. After moving to Manhattan, he launched John Wm. Macy's CheeseSticks in 1984 from his loft apartment and subsequently leased a small store front on the Lower East Side in 1985. Now headquartered in Elmwood Park, NJ, John Wm Macy's produces a full line of premium sourdough and cheese snacks and is developing prototypes for organic and/or gluten free versions. The Company's Original CheeseSticks are still hand twisted and baked twice to create "the perfect crunch." If you should ever find yourself unsure of who was responsible for that special taste, you need only remember to ask for John Wm Macy's by name. These Are The Ones. For more information or to purchase direct, visit www.johnwmmacys.com and interact with the company on its social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Favorite Shirt: What is Favorite Shirt? We're an agency. We're the "favorite" that you reach for. We're a strategic and creative advertising agency that aligns void-filling brands with the people they were inspired by. Based in Mamaroneck, NY, Favorite Shirt works with clients in several different industry categories, including consumer packaged goods, healthcare, technology, finance, sports, insurance, retail services, and more. Favorite Shirt accounts include ColumbiaDoctors of the Hudson Valley, Conde Nast, Pittsburgh Medical Center, Consumer Reports and Tom's Roasting Company, among others. Services of Favorite Shirt include a turnkey process of brand analysis, creative development, production and implementation of media placements to all platforms, including websites. For more information about Favorite Shirt, please visit www.favoriteshirt.co and interact with the company on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Favorite Shirt Co Contact::
James Deckinger, President, Favorite Shirt, 216 West Street, Mamaroneck, NY 10543
T: 917-502-0683; jamesdeckinger@me.com

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