Specialists Developed CandidaMed Remedy For Treating Thrush Infections

April 13, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Recently, specialists have developed a reliable candida treatment method, called CandidaMed. The product is a good solution for people searching for a natural thrush remedy.

CandidaMed's active ingredients are specially selected plants as Bearberry, Chamomile, Fireweed, Orange oil, and Tremella. How exactly they have an influence upon yeast infection?

Bearberry dissolves the membrane of single-celled Candida yeast and destroys them. Chamomile improves the condition of the vaginal microflora, suppresses the development of pathogenic germs, viruses and fungi, including most strains of Candida. Fireweed eliminates pathogenic bacteria. Orange oil has natural antibacterial properties. Tremella - stimulates local immunity, prevents Candida growth and has antiviral activity on herpes simplex types 1 and 2.

Statistics show that around 75% of the population suffer from some sort of thrush infection at some time in their life. Symptoms of such diseases are easily recognizable - itching or burning sensation in the intimate zone, painful urination or other urinary disorders, chronic rashes, constant tiredness or fatigue, headaches or constant migraines, etc.

Main causes of candidiasis include weak immunity, allergic reactions, change of intimate partner, certain medications.

According to the official website, CandidaMed intimate spray has proven to be effective during trials performed in several clinics and laboratories. The product has no contraindications and can also be used for the treatment of chronic recurrent candidiasis.

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