HydroShield, Inc. Announces Newest Location in Michiana, Indiana

April 26, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Salt Lake City, Utah - April 26, 2018 HydroShield, Inc., a recognized leader in the surface protection and restoration industry, is pleased to announce the opening of its newest independently owned license in Michiana, Indiana.

Tim and Tina Hann of South Bend, Indiana, will own and operate HydroShield Michiana. The opening of HydroShield Michiana will mark HydroShield Inc.'s 57th license territory in North America.

Founded in 1995, HydroShield, Inc. specializes in producing innovative surface protection and restoration products for homes and commercial buildings. The company distributes its products to consumers through the sale of exlcusive license territories, which are typically owned and operated by local entrepreneurs.

"We are pleased to welcome Tim and Tina Hann to the HydroShield family," says HydroShield, Inc. President Matt Hansen. "I am confident that HydroShield Michiana will be another successful licensee that capitalizes on the HydroShield platform and our innovative surface-protection technologies."

Hansen continues, "At the corporate level, we have come to understand that successful licensees require three critical elements. It's a formula. We need the right owner/operator, the right local market opportunity, and a well-planned launch. HydorShield Michiana is a great example where all three elements line up."

Tina Hann says she and her husband, Tim, purchased the HydroShield license with the goal of transforming the homebuilding indstury in Michiana.

She says, "We purchased the HydroShield license territory for Michiana with the goal of transforming the local homebuilding industry. With so many new homes being built in this area, we know that new homeowners will seek ways to protect their investment, and reduce their maintenance costs, with an eco-friendly solution. HydroShield provides the turnkey solution for Tim and me to take advantage of this opportunity."

Tim Hann noted that HydroShield's restoration products and services will also create market opportunities. "Restoration is a fraction of the replacement cost and many customers choose this option. For homeowners that have lived in their home for several years, when the home is beginning to show some wear and tear, our company offers a perfect solution to get their home back to looking the way it did the day they moved in."

For more information visit www.HydroShieldMichiana.com.

About HydroShield, Inc.:
HydroShield, Inc., based in Salt Lake City, Utah, was founded in 1995. Over the past 23 years, HydroShield has established itself as an internationally recognized leader in surface protection. Currently, HydroShield has 57 loca-tions located throughout North America.

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