UnicornGo – a new way of profitable investment

May 01, 2018 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
UnicornGo is currently based on Ethereum smart contract technology and in the future will be transferred to the Universa platform which provides lower transaction fees and higher transfer speeds, comparing to other blockchain platforms.

Creators of the game paid particular attention to realistic genetics. In collaboration with genetic engineers, developers created the genetic cross-breeding mechanism. Each unicorn will have a unique set of physical characteristics based on their gene linkages. GEN-0 unicorns, the first generation of these creatures, are already available for purchase on the UnicornGo website. Their sale began last month and will continue until 30,000 unicorns are sold. All subsequent unicorn generations will be the genetic successors of the GEN-0 unicorns. All GEN-0 unicorns have a 30 percent higher chance to get rare traits than in the following generations. Moreover, any player who gets a Legendary Unicorn will get a $10,000 prize in Ethereum from the UnicornGo team.

An upcoming feature of the game is the augmented reality interface, which will be developed in conjunction with IZETEX. And later this year, UnicornGo is going to introduce a new high-tech gadget that will allow gamers to control their unicorns with the power of thought. The neural interface technology has already been developed by the innovative BasisNeuro startup, while the final design of the gadget is being developed by a team led by a former designer for Tesla.

Users can buy unicorns using Ethereum or the in-game currency, CandyCoin. The tokens are based on Ethereum smart contracts, with a limited release of 12,000,000 tokens and are used on the in-game marketplace to buy/sell/exchange unicorns, plots of land, candy tree seeds to grow food for unicorns and other fairytale accessories. CandyCoin is currently traded on the ForkDelta exchange and will be listed on other exchanges in the near future.

CandyCoin has a great chance to secure a good position on the CoinMarketCap tracking website. The UnicornGo team has extensive experience and creativity to create a unique world with the help of advanced technologies.

Find out more about the UnicornGo project, purchase a first-generation unicorn and try your luck to win $10,000 on the company's official website https://unicorngo.io/

To create your own unique unicorn and play with its features in the sandbox, follow the link http://demo.unicorngo.io/

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